Tile for facing of furnaces and fireplaces

The stove has long been used to heat a home. Demand in such a focus is observed today. Many developers in the construction of houses, cottages often include construction in the project. At the same time, they understand that the appearance of a traditional heat source is no less important than its functionality.

How to divide a room into two zones: ideas and solutions

The division of the room into zones - this issue often worries owners of studios and apartments with a free layout. This problem is also relevant for one-bedroom apartments, where one room, willy-nilly, performs several functions. The task is complicated if the room is small and sustained in the same style. However, designers believe that even in this case, you can create an interior that harmoniously combines several working functions (bedroom-living room, bedroom-study, etc.

75 brilliant ideas on the organization of space and storage of things

Owners of a small living space sooner or later face the problem of lack of space. Some of them throw away some of the old stuff. Others are more creative and try to use space economically. Sometimes you have to store various accessories in the wrong place. Therefore, it is important to put things in order and sort the items in time to avoid useless clutter.

Ideas for design and interior of the youth room

Providing real comfort of living and leisure while creating a simple design of a youth room is not difficult. The main requirements for the chosen arrangement and design are their simplicity and harmony. There are no frilly or strict styles for the bedroom where the girl or boy will live, no need to choose.

12 simple rules of interior design

The modern abundance, a variety of design styles allows you to beautifully, originally, conveniently arrange the room in accordance with their preferences. There is a great variety of options - it seems that the choice is limited only by fantasy. But in fact, there are certain rules of interior design, observing that it is easy to create a room, hall, apartment, house of your dreams.

Windowless room design

In modern apartment buildings there are no dwellings without windows. Current regulations prohibit such a layout. The exception is rooms that appeared after redevelopment. Getting permission for such changes is easy, because it is the right of tenants. The interior of a windowless room can look stylish and unusual.

Comfortable interior: how to create a pleasant atmosphere

Now, when creating design projects, the designers first of all direct their forces to get beautiful interiors. The decor should correspond to the aesthetic preferences of the owners of the house and cause admiration of the guests by their elegance, lightness or originality. But even the most beautiful interior can be just a glossy picture from a fashion magazine: ideal, in terms of design, but completely devoid of life.

Stylish interiors of apartments and houses

The interior of the house reflects the characters of the owners. Sometimes it is very difficult to find “your” design. Stylish interiors have inner harmony. Their composition is a complete picture in which each cog is located in its place. In stylish interiors there are no unnecessary details, any thing has its own functional purpose.

Batteries in a modern interior

Batteries in the interior of an apartment or a private house is a necessity. The harsh conditions of our climate oblige to install high-quality heating system, which will provide comfortable living for most of the year. Radiators are difficult to attribute to the group of interior decorations. This unsightly part of the communicative lines of the heating system spoils many elegant interiors.

Textiles in the interior

In the interior it is difficult to single out the fundamental element from which the rest of the atmosphere "dances". For some, finishing becomes the most important, others will give preference to accessories and textiles, and still others without hesitation will award the leading role to furnishing. In fact, the interior is a single, indivisible design picture in which every detail has its own weight.

Golden ratio in design

Over the course of several centuries, the golden section has been considered a symbol of harmony, ideal proportions in the natural environment and in many spheres of human life - exact sciences, music, visual arts, architecture. It is also taken into account in the design - it is assumed that the closer to the ideally possible proportion of an object, the location of objects relative to each other, the better such an interior is perceived by the human brain, the more comfortable it is to be in it.

Window sill design: 75 photo ideas

The traditional use of window sills has long gone beyond the usual framework. After some modernization, this part of the window structure becomes more multifunctional or appears as one of the interior items. For the proper effect, it is necessary to think through all the nuances of the design, since Each specific option provides for a certain adaptation.

Geometry in the interior

The perception of an unfamiliar room is influenced by the style, design, color range. But that is not all! In fact, geometry has a much greater effect. This factor is decisive in the first "acquaintance" with the interior. It depends on him whether he wants to stay in one room or another or, on the contrary, leave it as soon as possible.

Common mistakes in interior design

People who did not face the challenge of serious repair or redevelopment of premises, consider that having all the necessary tools and materials to do it easily, quickly, and the result is always at a height. But getting into freshly built housing, acquiring a secondary one, they understand: it is not enough to leaf through design magazines, buy building materials, and decorate their interiors.

Fireplace in the interior

Fire is one of three processes that you can watch endlessly. Fireplaces initially performed only a practical function. They warmed the room, they cooked food "with smoke". When decorations began to appear in a person’s dwelling, fireplaces also began to perform an aesthetic function. Of course, their arrangement was fraught with a number of difficulties: storing stocks of firewood, proper installation, connection to the hood, periodic cleaning of combustion products.

Panoramic windows in the interior of apartments and houses

Talented science-fiction writers, as we know, are in many ways ahead of their time and predict innovations that the world is destined to achieve. In many futuristic works of contemporaries, the house of the future consists of glass and has transparent walls. In fact, such buildings already exist. The pioneer of a new landmark in architecture was Mies van der Rohe.

Interesting interiors in the design of apartments

Most of the time we spend at home. As a rule, convenience and functionality are paramount. Of course, this is important. But why not combine the convenience, the usual way of life and non-standard interior solutions that will make your home truly unique? Some of the ideas presented in the article are quite expensive, but there are also quite simple options that will require a minimum of time and money.

Ergonomics in interior design: rules and tips

Ergonomic science studies how to equip everyday life, including the workplace of a person, in accordance with his physical, mental characteristics. Ergonomics in interior design is aimed at creating furniture and everything that is available at home or at work, as convenient as possible, for productive activities, recreation.

Cage in a modern interior

In recent years, in the interior design has firmly strengthened the trend towards monotony. The credo of modern styles is practicality and naturalness. However, the order of annoying color solutions began to gradually be diluted with repetitive patterns, the fashion for which has returned again. Geometric designs were popular in the last century, and floral did not disappear from surfaces even longer.