Sliding doors for dressing room

Many owners dream of a comfortable and roomy dressing room in their home. But in order to properly equip such a “pantry”, it is necessary not only to allocate space for the installation of filling: cabinets and chest of drawers. You also need to carefully choose a good sliding door for the dressing room. Depending on the design and features of its operation, there are different types of door systems.

Adjusting plastic doors by yourself

Plastic doors won the market two decades ago, and now they are used everywhere. Plastic is very practical and affordable material, so it is quite natural. Doors made of it are easier to design and manufacture, and consumers, in turn, like them because they provide airtightness and have a relatively small mass.

How to properly assemble the door frame

Assembling and installing the door frame is a monotonous exercise that requires precise calculations and actions. One small mistake can cost several days of work or even purchase a new box. There are 2 main types of door frames: with or without a threshold. Recently, the second option is more popular. In addition to the slats themselves, the boxes have several holes and fasteners.

How to install sliding interior doors

The history of sliding systems dates back to the Middle Ages, and now they can be found in new apartments, renovated apartments of old houses and large private properties outside of megacities. Retractable doors attract with their beautiful and modern look. These designs are designed primarily to improve ergonomics and save space.

Standard dimensions for interior doors and openings

Doors - one of the most significant elements of the design of any room. Through them the entrance, exit from the house, apartment, office is made, therefore this element wears out quickly, demanding replacement. The standardized dimensions of interior doors simplify the task of selecting a door leaf that fits in size. The doorway to any room is made with a regular or double-wing product.

The combination of wenge doors with interior

Wenge is a valuable rare tree growing in the tropical forests of Central Africa. It grows to a height of 25 meters, and the maximum recorded diameter is 120 cm. The color of wood is from yellow-brown to black-brown, there is a huge variety of shades. For the design of modern interiors, high-quality parquet is made of it, as well as details of the stairs and sport corners, as it is very durable.

Examples of trim doorways decorative stone

Until recently, the decoration of doorways with decorative stone was used in restaurants and cafes. Today this solution is widely used in residential interiors. The use of this beautiful material helps to create a romantic atmosphere or bring a touch of antiquity into the interior. Today there are stones of any color available for any design.

Making a doorway without a door

Any house is equipped with entrance deaf doors, they are installed exclusively to protect the house from uninvited guests, and interior. By design, the latter can be sliding, swing, cassette, folding and pendulum. The main function of interior doors is the isolation of one room from another.

Bright interior doors in the interior +75 photos

White doors in the interior is the simplest design decision. Light colors bring lightness and cleanliness to the room without the need for careful selection of the color of the decor. Universal white shades fit into any interior and do not visually conflict with other colors. Light traditional colors include doors in pure, milky white, pastel, light yellow and beige colors.

Dark doors in the interior +75 photos

If you are the owner of a new apartment or a private house, or have decided to radically change the interior in your native walls, you will definitely have a question: what version of design proposals will you stop at? Existing solutions for the stylistic design of the premises are quite extensive, but the main emphasis is not new - the advantage of light or dark colors.

White doors in the interior + 75 photos of design ideas

Interior doors play an important role in the interior space. They must have an aesthetic appearance and high technical characteristics. Why it is worth choosing white door cloths? Because they, in combination with light walls and lighting, create the effect of lightness, and visually increase the room.

Interior doors in the interior - types, materials, colors

Buying or ordering interior doors is a crucial stage of interior renovation, and basic knowledge of the products on the market is indispensable.In addition to the optimal coincidence of price and quality, you need to take into account the features of the layout, so the choice of the type of doors, their quantity and dimensions is laid at the design stage of construction or repair.