Floor covering materials in the bathroom

The bathroom zone in each house is subject to the influence of an aggressive environment, there is almost always high humidity and temperature changes. All this greatly affects the interior decoration of the room, so the floor covering for the bathroom must be chosen practical and high-quality. Ceramic tiles Floor tiles are considered the most used floor covering in the bathroom.

Elegant bathrooms in black and white.

The combination of absolutely opposite tones and the game of contrasts always look advantageous in the interior. And the bathroom in black and white is no exception. Such a room is the epitome of rigorous elegance and restrained sophistication. Today, black and white bathroom design is one of the most successful solutions.

White bathroom design

First of all, you should pay attention to the color in which the design and interior in the bathroom is made. In this issue, each person has his own preferences, but still, the greatest preference, over the years, has white color. The design of the bathrooms in white is considered a classic.

Bathroom design in shades of green

Green color can refresh the design of your home, fill the space with positive and energy. It will be good in any room, for example, consider the design of a green bathroom. Green is a symbol of harmony, nature and kindness, its influence on a person is determined by psychologists as extremely positive. A bath in shades of green will help you to relax after a hard day in the evening, and in the morning will give you a mindset for decision making and optimism.

Design bathrooms in beige tones

We present to your attention the magnificent design of bathrooms in beige tones from Alexandra Fedorova. The architectural bureau of Alexandra Fedorova is located in Russia in the city of Moscow. The Bureau is engaged in the design and design of public and residential buildings. The basic principle of the work is “to create modern architecture and interiors that will be relevant in any time, in 10,20,30 years, not obsolete, which means forever valuable”.

Sunny bathroom design in yellow

If you want to be charged with warm and positive energy every time you visit the bathroom, pay attention to the bathroom design in yellow. Yellow color has a positive effect on the emotional state of a person, improves mood, helps get rid of the state of melancholia and depression.

Bathroom ergonomics

Any room in an apartment or a country house should be functional and as comfortable as possible, this is especially important for a bathroom. Bathroom ergonomics should be foreseen at the beginning of the design, every detail should be compact and extremely functional. When placing sanitary equipment in the bathroom, it is recommended that there should be at least 75 centimeters between them, as well as between the equipment and the door leaf or partition.

Red bathroom design

Intense, aggressive, energetic and invigorating - this is how psychologists determine the effect of red on a person. In traditional interior design it is quite rare to find the use of this color on a scale, usually red is used only for the introduction of accent spots. Let's look at an even rarer phenomenon - the design of a red bathroom. The most common combination is a bathroom in red tones with active white blotches.

Feng Shui Bathroom

Both the bathroom and the toilet room are visited by all members of the family and quite often. Not only comfort depends on the proper arrangement of these spaces, but, as the most ancient science of home improvement says - feng shui, material well-being. Feng shui bathroom and toilet, gives clear recommendations on the favorable location, the color of the walls and even the correct decoration of the premises.

Bathroom design in pink colors

A pink bathroom decorated with light-colored tones will become a real relaxing corner in the owner's apartment. Pink bathroom is perceived amazingly due to the light, unobtrusive subton of the base color. A great design solution would be to use a pink-cream tone when decorating a bathroom.

Compact bathroom design with shower

1. Disposition of the bathroom and toilet with shower tray. Interior features. Layout: shower tray installed in a specially built niche. For all communications in the design of a special niche. Sink and toilet are installed on the same wall, which provides high-quality discharge.

Lighting in the bathroom

Undoubtedly, in any home a bathroom should not suffer from a lack of light. Windows are usually not there, so you should carefully consider artificial lighting in the bathroom. And it is usually divided into three levels - upper, working and lower. The degree of illumination directly depends on the correct placement of lamps in certain areas.

Acrylic bath care

Acrylic baths are made of polymer plastic and, compared to traditional cast iron baths, have several advantages and require special care. Than to wash an acrylic bath and what cleaning substances are suitable for a smooth covering - let's find out. Than to clean the acrylic bath, with different degrees of pollution: A small degree of pollution - wash ordinary soap or dishwashing detergent, such care for acrylic bath is the most gentle and simple.

Bathroom and bedroom in the same room

To combine a bedroom with a bathroom is a bold, but at the same time quite an interesting decision. The bathroom in the bedroom is very beautiful and modern, but no one will allow you to re-plan it yourself. Therefore, in order to obtain permits, you will have to contact the BTI for all the redevelopment approvals.

Options for combining bathroom and toilet

The combination of bathroom and toilet is a mixed question. The increase in the volume of the bathroom area is quite tempting, especially considering the initial dimensions of both rooms. For someone, this is the only option in which the washing machine will find its place in the house, someone just wants to do something unusual in the space of their apartment.

Turquoise bathroom

Turquoise is known for a long time for its healing properties. In ancient Egypt, turquoise was considered a sacred stone, and magical properties were attributed to it. Color therapists say that turquoise improves immunity, relaxes, and gives peace. Psychologists believe that this color helps a person to show individuality.

Marine style in the design of the bathroom

A nautical-style bathroom will bring to your apartment that note of relaxation and peace that is so lacking in the city bustle. The interior of this bathroom uses natural colors - the sea, the sun, sand, water, old wood, salted with salty waves. The color accents can be shades of red and orange - lifebuoy or boat vest.

Bathroom interior in black and white tones of 5 square meters. m

In the studio Mio have developed a minimalist design for the bathroom in black and white, beating the contrasting combinations of these colors - antagonists. However, such interiors are simply doomed to success. They are quite simple to decorate, the main condition - the exact choice of additional colors. The most important rule for creating such interiors is respect for the laws of harmony.

Bathroom design in orange color

Another thing - small rooms. For example, a bathroom in orange color can be charged with a positive for the whole day in the morning. She will help to wake up the “dormouse”, and will set the optimistic attitude to the most notorious melancholic. The design of an orange bathroom can be very stylish, unusual, memorable, and allow you to fully express your individuality, as well as show an original approach to solving the problem of decorating an apartment.

Brown in the bathroom

What are the advantages of a brown bathroom? Advertising Brown promotes relaxation, gives a feeling of warmth and peace. Brown, like some other shades of natural wood, gives the interior an “expensive” look. From the brown tones can not be tired, they are neutral in effect on the nervous system.