Decorative lighting of a country house

It is quite difficult to create maximum comfort and coziness in cottages that are far from the noisy streets of the metropolis, without creating the proper lighting for the building and the site itself. To carry out decorative lighting of a country house can be in different ways, using a variety of lamps. Additionally, the backyard area can be illuminated: vegetation, paths, arbors or small architectural forms.

What lamps better for suspended ceiling

The house is a private space where you feel secure. It is always comfortable here, you can relax, relax, spend time with loved ones and your beloved animals. This is where the real life passes. Therefore, everyone is trying to make his corner more comfortable and beautiful. The room is decorated in different styles, choosing a beautiful finish for the walls, installing the best floor coverings.

How to organize the lighting in the kitchen

Kitchen - one of the most important, often used rooms of the apartment, private house. Here they cook, eat, relax over a cup of tea in the evening, even do their homework, in the presence of a furnished corner. Kitchen lighting is not limited to a single ceiling chandelier, as it was a couple of decades ago, but is mounted separately for each zone.

Chandeliers and lamps with their own hands

To create a lighting device, they use almost everything that can be found on hand: wooden sticks, baseboard pieces, containers, wood cuts, metal sticks and pipes, glass products, fabrics. Homemade lamps make futuristic, classic, glamorous, minimalist. For each type, several step-by-step master classes have been devised.

LED lights

Most recently, incandescent filament lamps were used to illuminate residential, industrial, commercial premises and streets. Then they began to be replaced by fluorescent lighting. Today, the popularity of LED lamps and fixtures is steadily growing due to their technical characteristics and long service life.

Decorative lighting: types and methods

Modern interior is impossible without the right light design. Lighting devices used today are endowed with a variety of functional capabilities that can drastically affect the perception of a room, level shortcomings, emphasize accents, and create the right atmosphere. For those who spend most of their time in a closed, often without windows, space, the correct transformation of light in accordance with the time of day is very important, t.

How to organize lighting design

Carefully thought-out lighting design should not only transform the interior, but also ensure comfort and health of the inhabitants of the house. At the stage of creating a project, a variety of nuances are taken into account. Types of lighting and their functions There are two main types of light sources: natural - natural; artificial - technical devices of various designs.

Ideas for placing light in the interior

The result of the most expensive repairs can disappoint if the inhabitants of the house did not take care of lighting design in time. Properly chosen lighting focuses on the semantic center of the room, divides it into functional areas, eliminates the disadvantages of the layout. The main components of the dwelling are space and those elements that are there.

Decorative lights in the interior +80 photos

The unusual combination of lighting fixtures in a dwelling makes it possible to emphasize its individual parts favorably, to change the design of the premises in an original way. After all, large and small lamps in the interior can perform not only the lighting function, but also emphasize the style of decoration, furniture and decor. When connecting illuminators to the energy security system, it is possible to increase the protection of housing.