Spiral stairs: options for designs, assembly and installation

To move between floors, stairs have been erected for a long time, and even high-speed elevators are not able to force them out. Rapid movement between two adjacent levels is possible due to the steps, because the elevator sometimes has to wait a long time. The spiral staircase, in turn, can conveniently connect several floors with a high hall at once, which is why it has been widely used in hotels.

Forged gate with his own hands

The gate is an important part of a street wall or fence. They restrict access to the inside of the building or to a certain area. Perform not only a protective function, but also act as a decorative exterior decoration, indicate the status of the owner. When choosing a quality construction, special attention should be paid to its functionality and aesthetic properties.

Scandinavian style house designs

Many people think about building their own home. The first difficult solutions are waiting for them at the design stage. To pick up a typical project is not easy. After all, it would be desirable that the structure was not only attractive in appearance, but also comfortable. One of the most striking examples of structures that are distinguished by natural beauty and functionality are Scandinavian houses.

Projects of houses 6 to 6

Its housing, even if very small - it is always good. The optimal area, where a family of two or three people - 30-36 square meters - will be accommodated with comfort and minimal expenses. The layout of the house is 6 by 6 sq. M. m. allows you to conveniently place everything you need for life, especially if the building to make a two-story.

Drawings of the house from the sketch to the finished project

Drawings and projects are drawn up to control the construction and finishing processes - from the beginning to the very end. The plan is made with the help of architects, authorized bodies or personally. In the latter case, nothing prevents to seek help. There are ready-made options for all cases: for large and small objects, of all shapes, with different internal planning.

Gates from a professional sheet with their own hands

The adjoining plot cannot be imagined without a perimeter fencing. At least a temporary fence set before the start of construction of a private house or cottage. It allows you to fix the boundaries, performs a protective and aesthetic function. An equally important part of the overall structure is the passage, the opening in the fence.

Facade decoration bark beetle

Plaster "bark beetle" is in great demand because of its external qualities. The bark beetle finish is neat and original at the same time. The covering abounding in furrows resembles the result of the bark beetle's activity on the surface of the tree, which is why it got the appropriate name. The grooves themselves appear immediately after grouting.

Do-it-yourself container houses

For most people, container houses are associated with simple cabins, temporary dwellings. In fact, buildings can strike with an unusual appearance, which directly depends on a correctly made project, design idea. This type of construction has been actively used in European and American countries for several decades.

Mansard roof

The space under the roof as a living space was first used in France in the 17th century. Popularized houses with a mansard roof of Francois Mansart, after whom they were named. Parisians immediately appreciated the idea, especially the opportunity to circumvent the communal law, according to which the state removed a fee for each floor, which was not an attic.

Projects of houses 6 to 8

When planning their future, most families think about individual housing, considering all possible options. Many opt for the construction of a private cottage. Among developers the project of a house of 6 by 8 meters enjoys great popularity. This is the best option for dense urban development, in the construction of buildings on small or narrow areas.

Projects of houses with a flat roof

The flat roof of the house is often associated with the urban landscape. However, there are many suburban low-rise buildings with rectilinear forms and flat roofs - expensive private houses. Both use cases of direct configuration can be considered classic. An important feature of flat roofs is their arrangement to withstand stagnant masses of water and snow.

Veranda in the country with their own hands

The presence of a small and beautiful veranda in the country house allows owners to easily organize a comfortable rest and enjoy their garden at any time of the year. But in order to properly attach such an object to the finished house, you need to take into account the many nuances of preparing the site. It is obligatory and following the accepted building codes.

Projects of houses 8 by 8 meters

The house is 8 meters long and wide and has a compact form. Such parameters actually allow you to intelligently plan the territory of the plot. But for the functionality and comfort of a two-story house, 8 × 8 m is enough. The building is only seemingly small - there is plenty of space inside for planning the premises, especially if the building has more than one floor.

Cellar with his own hands

Premises for saving food supplies are in demand among the population. Many use for this purpose a basement located under the house or a garage, but over time they are convinced that this is not a very suitable place for long-term storage of fresh crops and conservation. Therefore, the owners of their own land plot decide to build a cellar on it with their own hands, and some owners of apartments located on the ground floor, equip such structures under their own balcony.

House planning: modern ideas and options

Having your own corner is a bright and spiritual dream of every person. Someone buys a ready-made building or apartment, others acquire a plot, carry out the layout of the house, receive a building permit. The construction of a new mansion or cottage, though associated with temporary difficulties and inconveniences, but the result is worth it.

Projects of country houses: options for 6-10 acres

In the past there were times when there were 2 structures on 6 acres: a mobile house and a toilet with a heart carved on the door. Now the projects of country houses are varied, they build miniature summer houses for summer living and large country cottages with an attic, a veranda, a bath and a pool where you can live all summer, spend New Year's days with comfort or live all year round.

Finishing the basement of a private house: design ideas

The appearance of housing is often judged on its owner, despite the fact that they may be the complete opposite of each other. Therefore, each owner is very kind to his abode, and those who do not even think about it make a big mistake. The choice of color, the correct stylistic design, arrangement of the facade, roofing, decoration of the basement of a private house, along with the excellent interior space, allows you to achieve the desired result.

Summer kitchen in the country

By building your own home, everyone wants to make it as comfortable and comfortable as possible. It doesn't matter if the interior is decorated in the same style or not. The main thing is for the family to feel comfortable. Any room in the house has its own special purpose, however, the kitchen was and remains the storage place of the hearth.

Finishing of a wooden house inside: interior examples

Finishing work - the last, final stage of construction of a private mansion. Dwelling built of bricks, concrete blocks, natural wood. Exterior, interior decoration of a wooden house fully determines the style of the building. The construction of wood is very warm, eco-friendly, with a positive natural energy, and with proper design is also cozy.

Brazier do-it-yourself: how to make metal and brick

Man since ancient times engaged in cooking. It all started with a regular fire, around which stones were laid out. They served as a kind of "stove" for roasting meat. As society developed, new adaptations appeared. As a result, they began to grill shish kebabs on the brazier, which has become an integral part of outdoor recreation.