Begonia care and cultivation at home

Begonia is a deciduous, beautifully flowering plant, often grown at home and in gardens. It has many species, varieties, it can be annual and perennial, high or low, differs in color of flowers, foliage. Caring for begonias is completely uncomplicated, but separate rules, common to almost all varieties of the flower, must be observed.

Home flowering plants

Nature lovers can admire beautiful plants endlessly. Home flowers create mood, fill life with bright colors. It is rare to find a house or apartment without pots with greens. The fashion for them does not pass, only interest in the art of interior decoration in this way is rapidly increasing.

Do-it-yourself bonsai

You can grow natural bonsai tree in the garden or at home on the windowsill. The national symbol of Japan is created from the usual shrubs, deciduous trees, conifers. Homemade miniature trees are made of jade, ficus and other ornamental plants. Creating a real bonsai with your own hands will take a lot of time and effort.

How to choose a LED lamp for plants

Growing ornamental, fruit-bearing crops indoors is quite difficult. For good growth, any plant needs light and heat. Otherwise, the green will slowly develop, turn yellow, and the color may not appear at all. Particularly in need of indoor plantings in the sun in winter.

Proper care of dragon season at home

Succulent shrubs of the Dracena family have been cultivated for dozens or even hundreds of years at home, in greenhouses. Growing dracaena, care at home is not difficult, because the plant is very unpretentious. With proper cultivation, the dracaena not only looks decorative, reaching solid size, but also blooms.

Bamboo room

Eternally green exotic stem at home is able to exist for a long time. With proper care, the bamboo houseplant will bloom with beautiful small flowers. The frequency, the size of the color depends on the type. Any of them can be grown in the ground or placed in water. It is possible to add even more decorativeness if the elastic stems are tightened in time by fixing on the guiding object by the method of limiting the space.

Indoor palm: types and care

Palm - an ancient family of plants. Its various species have taken root in the tropics, subtropics and equatorial forests. These are coconut, olive, peach, ginger, date and other palm trees. Among the fruits that grow on them are coconuts, dates, stone fruits, sereno. In total, the family has more than 3,000 individual species.

Winter Garden: design styles, rules of arrangement

In the conditions of the harsh Russian climate, I want to keep the summer as long as possible and not let loose the winter, protecting it from my house. Since mid-autumn, nature begins to fade, with the onset of the first frost, it freezes in deep sleep until spring awakening. A depressing picture: snow drifts, "bald patches" of mud, black trees with bare branches.

Indoor plants in the interior: the design and care of flowers

Beautiful and diverse indoor plants in the interior fill the house or apartment with coziness and comfort. Even the functional and straightforward modern styles do not give up the organic use of vegetation. It is not necessary that these were bushes with lush flowers. The unusual pattern of leaves or their original texture is also able to create comfort in different environments: from strict classics to an industrial loft.

Moss in the interior - 75 ideas for decorating

Modern housing landscaping and its styling can be easily combined using beautiful moss in the interior. Spore plants require minimal care, look catchy and unusual. They are used for the display of paintings, decoration of furniture and lamps. They can be placed vertically on the walls, emphasizing the creative design of the premises.

Flowers in the interior of the apartment and house

During the design of the space flowers in the interior of the apartment help to solve important problems. With their help, it is easy to emphasize the dignity of a room or disguise flaws, divide the room into zones, create a unique atmosphere. To avoid errors associated with decorating, before starting work, review the proposed information.