Interior design of the wooden house from a bar from Nasonov DesignWerke

Plan The overall plan of the house is simple: the first floor is set aside for a large living room-fireplace, supplemented by a library, and a dining room combined with a kitchen. There is also a guest room. On the ground floor there is also a spa area with a swimming pool, with access to the veranda. On the second floor above the living room there is a huge cinema hall and a game room.

How to make a pencil box with your own hands from cardboard?

To make a pencil, prepare the following materials: a cylinder of cardboard (you can take as a basis a roll of toilet paper or a solid roll of wallpaper); jute twine; cardboard; colored paper; shred of thick fabric (you can velor or velvet to make a pencil more stable); tape cut; decorative button; Super glue; a hammer and nails (if the roll is high density cardboard); PVA glue.

Christmas table setting - 55 beautiful ideas

To meet the upcoming New Year are preparing with special trepidation. Not only the festive menu is thought out, but also an important component - the serving of the New Year's table, at which guests and hosts are seated. And not for the first year the table for Novogodya is made out according to the rules of the Eastern calendar. The color and tastes of the ruling year animal, food priorities are taken into account.

How to store shoes: ideas, photos

It is much better to immediately organize the storage of shoes, shoes, sandals in such a way that they are always at hand and do not require constant attention. Designers pay a lot of attention to storage issues, and they can spy many interesting ideas for storing shoes. Cupboard Entresol is far and high.

Curtains with 3D effect: views, design, examples in the interior of the kitchen, nursery, bathroom, living room and bedroom

Types of curtains with a volume effect. Advertising Photocurtains with a 3D image are made from thick and light fabrics in a variety of formats: roll, roman, tulle, Japanese or photo blinds. Curtains Window curtains of opaque thick fabric, are both decorative and functional. Moving on the eaves, may consist of two parts, placed at the edges of the window.