Features of houses in the style of minimalism

The history of minimalism in architecture has only about half a century. As a style, minimalism is intended to expose the essence of the object through its succinct embodiment. As is clear from the name “minimalism” - this is all at a minimum, minimum lines, minimum color gamut, minimum details. The only thing in this style maximum is the space and light.

Design and interior of a country house from Jodie Cooper Design

The interior of the country house rooms is also maximally simplified and made in natural colors, which enhances the state of harmony of people in it. One of the interesting findings in the design and interior of a country house has become unusual combinations of materials. For example, plastic siding and natural stone coexist in the facade, smooth walls in the living room are combined with masonry of wild stone, in the bedroom snow-white plaster naturally goes into the “deck boards” of the headboard, rising to the full height of the room.

Do-it-yourself interior items

Is it possible to make a beautiful, stylish, exclusive something out of improvised means in 30 minutes? An ultramodern hand made grimoire is updated every day with new letters on how to create unique interior items with your own hands. We offer 15 ideas of turning ordinary things into a design project.

Decorative panel on the wall with their hands +75 photo

Home is the place where you want to feel as comfortable as possible. There are various ways to make it even more comfortable. But it is especially nice when the elements of decor are made by hand. Decorative panels in the interior are always attracted admiring glances, and make them out of scrap materials is not difficult, if properly observe the technology and act in steps and instructions.