Felt rug do it yourself

We bring in a variety with our own hands: we learn how to make a felt rug. If your soul is asking for something original and warm in anticipation of cold and winter, then you should think about this felt rug. Stylish and bright decoration for the home will attract the attention of those who are constantly searching for original decorative elements and handmade lovers.

A simple idea for a flower in a paper pot.

We will delight you with another spring composition for the interior! To make a flower in a paper pot, you will need: any plant in a pot, soil, linen cloth, a knife, glue, moss, a paper milk carton. Using a knife, cut from the top 1/3 of a milk carton. Tear / cut rough linen fabric into strips (y) 4-5 cm wide and attach to the box with glue.

How to make a storage box for yourself?

In our article you will learn how to make a box for storage with their own hands. Manufacturing technology is very simple, so let's get started. Before you begin, prepare everything you need, namely: a cardboard box of the desired volume, a piece of fabric (it is better to make a choice in favor of dense matter), glue, PVA or any other, for gluing fabric and paper.

How to make a screen for the house with your own hands?

We offer you a step by step guide on how to make a screen with your own hands. Sometimes there is a situation when the room needs to be artificially divided, for example, to isolate the working area from the bed or to create a barrier from the light for the baby crib. It is not necessary to make repairs and build partitions in this case, it is not necessary to even buy a cupboard or curtains, you can solve the problem with the help of this undeservedly forgotten piece of furniture as a screen for the house.

Making soft ottoman with your own hands

It is not necessary to go to the store for a chair or chair, if your interior does not have enough seating. You yourself can take care of creating the original piece of furniture, for example, create soft ottomans with your own hands. They are comfortable to sit in front of the TV or lie down to read a book. How to sew an ottoman with your own hands, we will tell in our article.

What can be done from the remnants of wallpaper with your own hands?

What can be done from the remnants of wallpaper? Advertisement Often, the remnants of wallpaper left in reserve, in case you need something to glue or take away at all to the country. The bulk of the time rolls lie on the top shelves or in the pantry, taking up space. But you can make the interior creative and unusual with your own hands from what is left after the repair.

DIY bath mat

Doing your own bath mat with ordinary sea stones or river pebbles is incredibly easy and simple. To make a rug from stones, you will need: 1. Rubber base (any rubber mat or a piece of rubber of the right size). The main thing is water resistance. 2. Durable all-purpose adhesive.

How to make a rug of pompons?

It is always nice to make some thing with your own hands for your interior! After all, you create something that is impossible to find in anyone else, something unique, putting all your soul into the work. Today, you are invited to the scheme, how to make a rug of pompons. The scheme is very simple, but first you need to figure out how to make a pom-pom.

Hammock for gardening, instructions for making

How to make a hammock with your own hands, we will tell you below in the detailed instructions. You will learn to sew a double-sided hammock, 200x85 cm in size. How to sew a beautiful hammock - use a pair of contrasting fabrics for both obverse sides. To create a bilateral hammock for the garden, we will need a number of tools and materials: a piece of fabric for the wrong side (Color 1: 200 × 90 cm) and for the front (Color 2: 212 × 90 cm) fabric; two tapes of dense fabric in tone (90 × 13 cm); twenty identical rectangles from the main fabric (18 × 11 cm); strong cord (linen); two slatted bars 90 cm; sewing machine; scissors; needle; glue "cobweb"; thread to match; drill; pencil.

How to sew an ottoman with your own hands?

Dilute the interior, make the room more comfortable - very simple. This will help you multi-colored soft, comfortable, and most importantly, an exclusive ottoman from our master class. We suggest you to get acquainted with an extremely simple technique for making a bright home ottoman. How to make an ottoman with your own hands? Simply!

Padded stool from the tires do it yourself

For the manufacture of ottoman from the tire with his own hands, we need: a new or used tire; 2 circles from MDF 6 mm thick, with a diameter of 55 cm; six screws; perforator; screwdriver; glue gun or super glue; screw cord 5 meters long, 10 mm thick; cloth for cleaning tires; scissors; varnish; brush. Step 1. Clean the tires of dirt with a dry cloth, if the tire is very dirty, wash it and let it dry.

Soft panels for walls do it yourself

Virtually any piece of furniture can be changed to make it bright and eye-catching with the help of such decoration. Especially well look soft panels at the head of the bed. In the manufacture of soft wall panels with your own hands, your imagination is not limited. For their design, you can use brass wallpaper nails (for example, leather panels with “carriage” upholstery with such nails look very impressive), buttons sewn on top and forming various patterns.

How to make a rug from bottle caps?

Materials To make a cork rug, you first need to accumulate the corks themselves. For a small-sized product you need about 150 pieces, if you want a bigger carpet - and you will need more traffic jams. In addition, you need: a cutting board; emery; knife (sharp); fabric base (as a basis, you can take a rubber mat, rubberized fabric, soft plastic, canvas); glue (super glue, hot glue); rag to remove excess glue.

Decorating a sun mirror do it yourself

To create a bright accent indoors, to give it individuality, you can use such a popular design method as decorating a mirror. Using a small round mirror, create an expressive mirror-sun composition with your own hands. Such decoration may look different, depending on what is used for decorating the mirror.

Making the shelf do it yourself

To make shelves on the wall in an apartment where books or souvenirs brought from long-distance journeys will find their place, you need to have the following: 2 boards of the size you need (for example, 75x30 cm), 4 leather belts, approximately the length of the boards, 4 short and the same long screws with plastic dowels, knife, ruler, drill, tool for determining the horizontal (level).

Pirate wooden chest do it yourself

To make a wooden chest with your own hands, you will need: Advertising furniture panel; saw (jigsaw); two-component glue; putty (for woodworking); paint (preferably acrylic, color - caramel, brown, black, white); gold powder; special spatula to simulate the cut of the tree; flour, milk, a little beeswax; a stencil of paper or plastic with a suitable image; glue for gold leaf, as well as potal gold; strong rope; drill, nozzle to drill "feather"; furniture rollers; leather belts; door hinges.

Large paper flowers made from corrugated paper

It is very easy to make paper flowers from corrugated paper with your own hands. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to create whole bouquets of original flowers. Decorate them with your home or garden, and please your household. To create large colors of corrugated paper you will need to purchase: Advertising sheets of multi-colored corrugated paper (the number of sheets of 6-8 pieces, size 50x80 centimeters); paper clips in the amount equal to sheets of paper (6-8 pieces); paper scissors; soft thin wire.

How to calculate fabric consumption for curtains?

Length calculation Advertisement Please note that the length calculation is done without taking into account the hem of the bottom and the top of the curtains, this parameter will be added later. To calculate the fabric on the curtains, measure with the help of a metal tape measure the distance from the attachment of the curtain to the ledge to the desired length. Length to the window sill.

Decoupage cracker plate

To do the decoupage of the craquelure plate yourself, you will need: an ordinary plate of the required size and shape; flat brushes; decoupage card or regular napkin with a pattern; PVA glue or special decoupage glue; shellac - varnish on alcohol; gum arabic - for cracks; varnish; degreasing solvent; a piece of foam rubber (you can use sponges for washing dishes); acrylic paint; oil paint (dark).