Homemade for the garage - ideas for making fixtures

A garage is not only a place where a car, motorcycle, bicycle “lives” and is being repaired. Often, a full-fledged carpentry workshop is deployed here, many tools and large-sized items for summer and winter holidays are kept. A variety of homemade garage do-it-yourselfers allow you to arrange it in accordance with the owner's occupation, creating not only a working and storage area, but also a resting place and friendly get-togethers.

Floor in the garage: coating options

Garage - a closed room, specially designed for parking, repair, safety of cars, motorcycles. Variants of flooring in the garage, there are very different - the modern variety of building materials allows you to choose the most suitable, depending on the operating conditions, floor space, the number of cars placed in it, design space design.

Design ideas pantry in the apartment

One of the least remarkable rooms, the storeroom, serves as a repository of objects for which there was no place in the other rooms. In old apartment buildings, they are extremely uncomfortable and small. In new buildings, there are sometimes no. Wardrobe rooms pushed out the garret from everyday life, sorting out their functions.

How to make a dressing room with your own hands

Many homeowners at the design stage provide a dressing room. In a small room for all-season things you can store a variety of clothes, shoes, accessories in ready-made form for trying on and selecting a harmonious combination. Multifunctional furniture is placed on the principles of ergonomics, which allows the dressing room to fit into even the smallest apartment.

Garage arrangement inside

The main purpose of the garage is to protect the car from the influence of external negative factors, as well as storing all kinds of tools. The building must be reliable, safe, practical. Under one roof of the spacious equipped room there can be several cars and motorcycles at the same time.

Dressing room design

Everyone decides which rooms are needed first. Someone removes the hallway and wardrobe, while others, on the contrary, create technical premises for storing clothes, where they are not there initially. If there is a lot of personal things, then it is better to collect them in one place where you can do fitting and ordering. The amount of clothes will only increase with time, and in order not to have to throw away some of your things, you will need to find a large space in which everything fits in with a reserve.

Massage room design

Massage is an ancient practice of rubbing the human body for therapeutic purposes. The term has just three variations of origin. From the Greek "massage" is translated as "knead hands", and from French - "rub". In Arabic, the word "masses" means stroking, rubbing movements. The first began to practice massage Chinese doctors in another 3 thousand.

Interior for photo studio do it yourself

The creation of the interior of a photographic studio is approached with particular attention, since the art of drawing with light requires professionalism. The minimum size of the premises for filming should be 40 sq.m. The more spacious the studio, the more opportunities open to the photographer. In addition to the working area, it is necessary to equip a storage area for equipment, make-up, reception and a recreation room.

Provence style cafe interior

Provencal style, also called provincial and "French" country music, is a popular choice for food design. His main ideas include the use of a large number of geometric elements and objects of decoration, imitation of antiquity, the presence of vintage things. Beautiful appearance is complemented by functionality.

Classical style interiors

In the modern world, many people work without leaving an apartment, some take part of the work at home. They all need a home office, at least a small but comfortable, beautiful, well-maintained. This can be a separate room or a table with a chair in the corner of the room. The interior of the cabinet in a classic style - the current, very common design solution.

Product store design: photo project examples

Standard grocery stores have a quite predictable layout, typical lighting and boring color gamut, which is diluted with aggressively bright product location indicators and bright advertising of promotional products of the month. But a pleasant interior and competent merchandising can increase sales several times and make a contribution to attracting new customers, as it will be pleasant for people to enter a cozy shop.

Flower Shop Design

Ordinary grocery or household stores decorate with additional decor, which stands out from the background of the products sold, thereby setting the style for the whole interior. And what about the owners of flower shops or salons, where the goods are the main decoration of the room? In this situation, you must resort to a professional design project, where the style of the store will play a major role.

Arrangement of washing in the bath: examples of the interior

The sauna complex includes a steam room, a dressing room, a washing room and a relaxation room. In more primitive, compact designs, the last two rooms are missing, but the rest will be deprived of a certain comfort. Many traditions are connected with the Russian bathhouse in our country. The benefits of the procedure of soaring highly appreciated during the time of ancient Russia.

Kindergarten design: 50 photos of ideas

A preschool educational institution is an organization where primary public education of children is held, the first link in public education in most developed countries. Toddlers, older preschoolers are in kindergarten from about seven in the morning to five or seven in the evening, receiving the minimum necessary communication skills, playing, preparing for school.

Design a cozy coffee house

The world's first coffee house opened in the 16th century in the heart of the Ottoman Empire, Constantinople. Since the culture of drinking coffee originated here, it was not at all surprising. In those days, for the export of raw grains that could sprout, sentenced to death. The Ottomans jealously guarded their monopoly on the trade in exotic raw materials.

Manicure room and salon design

Creating beauty is an art that only real masters own. These words fully relate to the virtuosos of the manicure case, who day by day make the world more beautiful. The desire to look at all 100 to the fingertips attracts women who know their value to the nail design cabinets.

Wardrobe room in 5 square meters. meters

Dressing room - a separate room for storing clothes, shoes, which dreams of the vast majority of women, even some men. In very small flats, at best, you will have to be content with a closet, in more spacious ones you can arrange a whole room. When the design of the dressing room is 5 square meters.

Confectionery interior design projects

For those who are going to open a pastry shop, make a "fresh" repair in the existing one, it is useful to know everything about its improvement. Successful design is one of the most important points on which the success of this institution depends. Beautiful, recognizable, cozy interior attracts sweet tooth customers, who in the future will become regular visitors.

Office interior design

With the advent of office space, the question of their convenient, comfortable, non-standard design arose. When designing a space, it is required to perform it in the same style, correctly arrange the necessary furniture, organize a certain number of workplaces for employees, creating the most favorable atmosphere.