Shades of brown

The word "brown" comes from "cinnamon," which in turn is diminutive of "bark." Color belongs to the non-spectral group. It is not independent and necessarily consists of several pigments. For this reason, brown refers to the compound (mixed) colors. It turns out from three primary colors, and also green, purple, violet and orange.

The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

Color has a huge impact on people, because the choice of color interior decoration is always very important. Make the room monochrome or bright, everyone decides for himself. Proper combination of colors in the kitchen, as in any other room of the apartment, in a private house, will allow to hide the disadvantages of the space, emphasizing the dignity, preserving the best mood of guests and hosts, a sense of coziness and comfort.

How to make a brown color from paints

Brown is a mixed color resulting from the fusion of several (2 or more) saturated colors. It is not included in the color spectrum, as well as pink, white, gray and black. Due to the use of wood to create furniture, color has become one of the most sought-after in the interior. In many nations, it is considered a symbol of fertility.

Beige color in the interior

Universal beige color is very popular among interior designers. Even the most insignificant presence in the room of its shades correctly transforms it, fills it with comfort, expands the space. Well combined with most colors, you can create any style. Beige perfectly cope with the main role in the design of the room, and with a minor, when there are subtle accents.

Combination of colors: rules and table

Each color scheme has a powerful psychological effect on the emotional state of a person contemplating him. Therefore, when choosing the right color range, this is taken into account first. Various combinations of colors in the interior of a dwelling excite or soothe, elevate mood or set up a lyrical mood.

Color fuchsia: combination with other colors in the interior

The color fuchsia got its name in honor of the plant of the same name. Petals of exotic buds are really painted in an unusual shade, which previously had no "name". At first, the color of fuchsia became popular among clothing designers. He began to use in their collections eminent couturiers. The trendy hue was quickly picked up by the interior designers, since the muffled saturation of fuchsia blew with novelty.

Tiffany color in the interior: shades and combinations

Tiffany's shades are the most popular representatives of the turquoise range. Bright and surprisingly gentle at the same time, they can transform any boring interior beyond recognition. Just a few juicy celestial strokes will help to forget about fatigue and anxiety, to cheer up in the morning and recharge your batteries for the whole day.

The combination of green and purple in the interior

Carefully thoughtful combination of green and purple in the interior is a guarantee of getting a comfortable atmosphere and an original type of housing. Therefore, owners who have chosen such a tandem for implementation should well consider the features of its use. It is important to choose those tones that will be correctly combined and at the same time can be appropriately complemented by other inclusions.


How wonderful to plunge into the sea and forget about the turmoil and dullness of urban life. But what to do if the vacation is not soon, and you are destined to spend the summer in a stuffy office? Do not despair. Create your own "underwater kingdom" and enjoy the peace and quiet at home. Imagination is as spacious as the sea, it just needs a little help.

Create bright accents in the interior

Any setting needs special zones in which people will focus their attention. Without bright spots even the refined interior picture looks too boring. Accent areas are designed to achieve two effects: To divert attention from the shortcomings of the room and concentrate on its merits; Create reference points for the "hold" look.

Warm and cold colors in the interior

Color can directly affect a person. Surveys in this area have shown the possibility of the impact of the surrounding colors on the central nervous and endocrine systems. Colors can soothe or excite, speed up or slow down metabolic processes. Paints in the environment have an influence on the formation of the character of children and can change the mood of any person.

The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most dominant rooms in the house, because it is in this room that a person spends the lion's share of free time and replenishes his strength after a busy day. Therefore, the combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom should be as harmonious as possible, help create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Wenge color in modern and classic interior

Wenge is an African tree, which belongs to the noble, expensive breeds. Its wood of the same color is used to decorate luxury apartments. The core of a tree trunk is characterized by high density and a special, dark shade. Podkorye less wear-resistant and has a rich range of colors: from light gray to the tone of molten gold.

Chocolate color in the interior +75 photo ideas

For chocolate is to thank the people of South America. They made a cold drink called “bitter water” out of cocoa beans. In the Aztec language, the name sounded more succinctly “Chocoatl” or “Chocolatl”. We still use the adapted version of this word: its meaning remains unchanged.

50 ideas of pastel colors in the interior

The soft palette of muted colors often looks very harmonious in decoration. Unobtrusive shades create a peaceful atmosphere in which you want to immerse yourself at home. The interior in pastel colors helps to turn the apartment into a real oasis of peace, in which every household will feel comfortable and calm.

Sand color in the interior +50 photos

The use of warm and cold pastel colors in the design of housing allows you to include any additional colors. Beautiful sand color in the interior can be diluted with carrot, yellow or burgundy. Blue, purple, blue will ideally be combined with it. The color scheme may vary or be supplemented depending on the premises to be equipped.

Black color in the interior: color combination ideas +75 photos

During the formation of the design project, the depth and unique charisma of black color is often undeservedly neglected. But skillfully placed accents allow you to create a unique style of decoration, the key features of which will be concise refinement and noble rigor. Black color in the interior is a real key to elegance and a symbol of impeccable style.

Mustard color in the interior +75 photos

Mustard color in the interior was valued at all times, due to its self-sufficiency and versatility. It has a huge variety of shades that are perceived in different ways: it all depends on the predominance of yellow or brown in color. Brown adds warmth and confidence to yellow. Mustard is not annoying, does not oppress, does not cause anxiety or boredom.

Bleached oak in the interior +75 photos of application ideas

Before each person who started repairs or decided to change the situation in the house, there are a few questions - what color to choose as the main color in the interior, how to choose the optimal combinations and combinations, and where to start? As a rule, professional designers offer us rather difficult combinations of colors and materials that look great in the pictures in the magazine, but what about real life?