Bathroom ergonomics

Any room in an apartment or a country house should be functional and as comfortable as possible, this is especially important for a bathroom. Bathroom ergonomics it is necessary to provide even at the beginning of the design, every detail should be compact and extremely functional.

With accommodation in the bathroom sanitary devices it is recommended that there should be at least 75 centimeters between them, as well as between the equipment and the door leaf or partition.

The minimum distance between sanitary devices is 50 centimeters, and between the equipment and the door leaf or partition 60 centimeters.

If you have a bidet in addition to a toilet bowl in the bathroom, then between them you need to withstand dimensions from 38 to 45 centimeters. Try not to significantly increase the space between them, it can create discomfort and break bathroom ergonomics.

AT bathroom ergonomics the location of the washstand and any other bathroom furniture should be at a height of 80 centimeters to 110 centimeters.

With accommodation in the bathroom sinks, from the edge of the sink and to the nearest object should be at least 55 centimeters.

The minimum indent from the wall can be at least 10 centimeters, and the recommended indentation is 50 centimeters from the center of the sink.

If you have a double washbasin, then the minimum distance between the sinks is 10 centimeters, and the optimum 90 centimeters from the center of the washbasins.

If the toilet is located separately, then its minimum dimensions will be at least 152x76 centimeters. For optimum bathroom ergonomics 168x92 centimeters.

When installing the toilet roll holder, follow the recommended installation dimensions shown in the diagram.

With accommodation in the bathroom shower corner, its minimum size should be 76x76 centimeters, and the optimal 90x90 centimeters.

Watch the video: Bathroom Ergonomics (April 2020).

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