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If you are the owner of a new apartment or a private house, or have decided to radically change the interior in your native walls, you will definitely have a question: what version of design proposals will you stop at? Existing solutions for the stylistic design of the premises are quite extensive, but the main emphasis is not new - the advantage of light or dark colors. Soft palette, as the basis, is quite popular today, but we will focus on darker colors, where interior doors will be a highlight. It is the openings, visually, that can play an important role in the desired image of the future cozy corner of square meters for everyday and comfortable life.

Dark door features

No matter how insignificant it may seem, we open and close the doors constantly, we see them every day, therefore the coloring and their shape must be coordinated with our taste, congenially to each family member, to become one with the main interior. So what is the beauty of deep colors? - solidity, history, composure, seriousness, and at the same time - inner warmth, of course, royal chic and mystery. Dark tones are chosen by people who are ready to fight and at the same time require well-being and peace of mind.


The dark door is a subconscious defense, that is why it is always on the pedestal of popularity. Stopping on brown, blue, saturated gray, black tones, it is not necessary to use the entire overcast palette in the color of wallpaper or floor. It is enough to set the main tone, stopping at the entrance openings, furniture, accessories. The room in no case should not reduce its volume, with a general view, due to the deep color, but if it is applied correctly, then you will get the same brilliant design that you want to enjoy day after day. Therefore, having made a bet on the night color, it is necessary to involve all parties in refining the premises. Sometimes black motifs give a striking effect next to pastel colors, where the main task of light colors is to increase the volume and dark ones to complete the image, forming the border, the completeness of the picture.

Existing dark woods in the manufacture of doors

Popular today dark doors in the interior are made both from a solid array, and when combining several components. First, consider the array. Wood of saturated tones is most valuable for its durability, strength, canvas from an array - as a single organism, will last for many years.

The most used dark woods:

  • Nut;
  • Cherry;
  • Bog oak;
  • Wenge.

The rarest and most pronounced black natural color belongs - Wenge. Trees of this breed grow in Zaire, because it is very rare and expensive wood. But Walnut is a greenish-gray, deep brown motif, much closer to our latitudes and therefore more profitable in terms of price. And of course, the Bog Oak is a generally accepted classic, a favorite of the market, famous for its deep gray, black tint.


Doors from the massif are easily polished in the presence of cracks, scratches, other household damages, then they will regain their original appearance.

When combining, either dark woods are used, which are the basis of the outer door envelope, or less costly layers are used. How:

  • DSP;
  • MDF;
  • Laminate;
  • Veneer;
  • Melamine.

This form of the door frame is most in demand and in quality is almost no way inferior to the array. Advantage: lightness, moisture resistance, variety in design tasks. High-quality laminate allows you to imitate any type and color to match the expensive wood species. Veneer - natural veneer. Melamine - laminated doors, whose surface is a thin film that simulates the structure of a natural composition. Also unpretentious in matters of repair.


We list the basic rules for combining colors and textures for the general background.

High-quality design is successful only when the smallest details are taken into account. Agree, even an ordinary, albeit beautiful, but weighty door handle can visually weigh down the general background of the entire room, even if filled with the brightest colors. Therefore, a deep palette of the entrance opening is a reason for serious work on the whole complex of design tasks. If you have an apartment, the plan of work on its interior should work for the advantages: the breadth of the space, the nice looking wallpapers, the floor, the furniture, so that you feel comfortable and in a good mood at home. Because the interior issue - namely, the composition of the door, must be fully thought out and agreed with the rest of the design space. But what if you have a Khrushchev and a dark color probably weighing up the already meager square meters?

Consider the objects: hallway, corridor, room - what is the order of work required when installing dark doors.

  1. The play of tones is light / dark, plus bright accessories;
  2. Light ceilings;
  3. Visually expanding space wallpaper;
  4. Lighting, lighting;
  5. Mirrors.

If you wish to install such a door in a small apartment, mirrors will play an important role in increasing the space, for example: a wardrobe, or mirror sheets on the wall.


Beneficial advantages and disadvantages of dark tones

Speaking about the benefits of deep color in the interior, it appears: space, mystery, majesty, infinity. And if you properly use the black tone of furniture, textiles, you can get the effect of depth and infinity. Therefore, the installation of dark doors is a real chance not only to fulfill the dream, but also to increase the space. Say, the brown casing passes into the line of the sky blue of the wallpaper, thereby creating the effect of the “flight” of the ceiling.

Dark bases may differ in their texture - matt, lacquered type of outer coating. The matte appearance of the door is softer in observation, the glossy is more saturated, it is clearly striking, but it is sometimes more successful in front of the matte side of the door, because it plays the role of a bright detail among the pastel palette of the basic design of the room.


The disadvantages of saturated tones, only in the wrong approach to their use in the decoration and scheduling interior design. So as you will agree, it’s exhausted - the ceiling, the walls, the floor, the furniture, it’s not just sad, but, to say the least, absurdly. The only list of flaws: scratches, often accumulated dust on a black surface. With what you can easily cope - scratches are easily painted over with special means.

A deep brown, burning-gray door is easy to “fix”, namely, to bring in an original, radiant look with the help of grouting stains and other minor injuries with ordinary female mascara and even wax for shoes, the unpleasant smell will disappear in an hour.


Matt dark doors and light floor in the rooms

One of the great examples of ideas when using dark doors, which, when installed, benefits the overall space of the rooms, in general. A calm floor will give depth, as will the light wallpaper - the width of the walls. Doors with this design will look great, playing the role of "bright spot", thereby creating a dull effect. Along with curtains with which you can act boldly - using scarlet, green, blue tones (but not solid, preferably in the form of a pattern - waves, flowers, etc.) as well as soft furniture - leather, plush, this design will take the most positive form and give Coziness to households. The door can be decorated with silver, golden steel handles.


Glossy dark doors and dark floor in the corridor

Another one of the most winning examples of using a dark palette of interior doors. When a sharp, saturated color is taken as a basis, as the main motive on the floor and in the palette of the openings surrounding the hall. The lacquered effect perfectly softens and fills the surface with brightness and significance. It is better to arrange the floor in softer, ashen, gray tones, the door is black, brown, ripe wenge, another such color, in accordance with your taste.

In order to soften the abundance of yet dark tones, a bright accent is needed. And this is again - aquamarine wallpaper, let's say the type of pastel patterns even on a dark basis, the main thing is that they do not narrow the space. Also lamps, lamps, carpet, also a softer palette.

When choosing dark doors, it is better to focus on matte surfaces, but glossy saturated doors are worthy of attention and if you are perfectly prepared - go for it!


Saturated black doors in a bright interior and their meaning

Black doors always play into the hands of a pleasant interior. Since their task - the border, completeness. Such an opening is like a picture frame, very often the frames look more impressive than the picture itself. Nowadays, designers have learned to combine the combined - with not compatible, reaching almost masterpieces, leaving the owners the splendor and unsurpassed comfort at the end of their labors. But even a simple person, if he wants, can independently master these skills if he tries to start improving his little world. That's the whole secret.

Therefore, we consider in more detail the positive in the use of a dark door in apartments and houses of any planning.


In the living room

Even in the old days, the Gostiny Dvor was famous for its stone hearths and wooden doors with heavy staples. Necessarily dark, brown tones, from the walls - to the gate, even the staircase leading to the guests ’bedrooms was plentiful, of a dark color. Because black, black and gray doors in the living room, as a classic would say - "The real voice of history." With modern catalogs from the world's leading designers, the living rooms have acquired better, more thoughtful images, the presence of new colors. Bright wallpapers and yellow ottoman, scarlet, with a thin leg, a floor lamp are acceptable. Because the living room on the background of black doors, today is a bright, cozy room, where it is nice to invite friends.


In the bedroom

Saturated doors in the bedroom will create the very mysterious aura that enthralls the owners to the world of sleep. And if there is a carpet on the floor, a red cherry wooden chest is next to it, the light of the night lamps is white and soft, the appearance of the dark door will become a kind of obstacle, which says that the entrance to the outside is closed. The more mysterious the bedroom door, the flying should be a common palette - from the color of bed linen to the paintings on the walls. Curtains should not be bright, better than a calm drawing. Valid fur, flooring with a large pile. With the loft style, such an example would be the right decision, a wall between the outer and inner world, but already as an entrance door.


In the kitchen

In the kitchen, a dark door effectively looks if the overall picture is white or pastel shades, if the white table, sink, stove, white set of dishes, such a kitchen interior will become a chessboard right in the house. Wonderful, classic breakthrough design skills. Black and white cuisine is quite popular today. In the presence of bright inclusions in common paint, as well as silver, gold coatings (furniture, refrigerator), the dark entrance will be most welcome. The effect of triplex - built-in internal glass, also a positive idea for the kitchen, a glass oval or square will add beauty to the doors and increase the space even more.

In the bathroom

The black door that opens the sparkling white bathroom is an impressive sight. At every bathroom hour, you will enjoy the comfort and the play of colors, the transition from night to light. In such a bathroom it will be pleasant to relax, and with the presence of blue, green, pink tiles on the walls and spot lighting, your bath will become the most comfortable corner in the house. Also, more daring solutions are applicable, say - blue tiles, black doors, but the bathroom, the sink (and if the bathroom is a joint, then the toilet, the bidet) should be exclusively white, pastel shades.



Black is not necessarily a night. And if our house needs light, there will always be light where the shades of the dark are, where the black color is white, and the gray is beige. In order to light up, add charm to the decisions of design, be sure to be able to find a common language with the rainbow of colors, bestowed on us by nature itself. If you decide to install the interior doors of dark colors in your house, today you have a detailed idea of ​​how to act so that the completed look of the house, after the repair, becomes familiar and enjoyable to you. He was pleased and gave cause for admiration to the guests, who were already on the verge of being impressed by the well-designed work.

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