Street curtains for gazebos and verandas: types, materials, design, photo of terraces

Street curtains for gazebos and verandas can add to the recreation area of ​​coziness and comfort. Many models allow you to choose the most suitable option in the style direction.

The benefits of using street curtains

Curtains for gazebos and verandas not only blend perfectly with the overall exterior, but also have a certain number of advantages:

  • Constructions made of dense materials perfectly protect the room from the sun and heat.
  • Waterproof models with impregnation, effectively protect from rain and wind.
  • Curtains prevent the penetration of insects.
  • Create a private atmosphere and hide from prying eyes.
  • They mask minor defects in construction.

Types of curtains

There are several options for street curtain designs.

Roller blinds

Easy to use, does not take up much space, perfectly prevent the penetration of bright sunlight into the room. Quite often, translucent models are chosen for exterior curtains, they gently shade the veranda or gazebo and do not make it impossible to enjoy the surrounding view.

The photo shows translucent roller blinds on the summer terrace.


They are an analogue of blinds, only such a light-shielding system is installed outside. This street construction prevents the heating of the room and is not subject to deformation and corrosion.

In the photo there is a veranda with outdoor shade of a light shade.

Classic curtains

Curtains can dramatically change and revive the appearance of the building. They are able to create a cozy atmosphere in the room and contribute to relaxation and rest. Such models can be used both in the open veranda and in the glazed.

On the photo is a terrace with classic curtains decorated with a print.

Material curtains for the street

For the manufacture of outdoor curtains used various materials.

Plastic (PVC)

Soft and flexible polymeric or polyethylene strip curtains are ideal for gazebos and porches. They have high strength, elasticity and have very good protective characteristics.

In the photo there is a gazebo trimmed with plastic PVC street curtains.


Reliable and durable. But they have the only negative, they can not decorate the exterior of the veranda or gazebos in the country with their appearance.

The photo is a wooden gazebo, decorated with canvas street curtains.


Acrylic curtains are waterproof and able to withstand various temperature extremes. Beautifully disperse the sun's rays and create an interesting light effect.

In the photo are acrylic curtains of light color on the terrace.


Dense fabric will protect the arbor or veranda from wind and rain. Such canvases perform only a practical function, since they look a bit rough on the exterior.

Cloth (burlap, oxford fabric)

Ideal for the design of these buildings. Products made of burlap in muted colors, look, though simple, but very elegant. Oxford tent fabric has high strength and perfectly protects the premises in bad weather days.

On the photo is a terrace decorated with green oxford curtains.

Photo examples for arbors

Plain curtains or curtains with various prints, perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape design, create a mood and make the room bright. Light curtains are particularly well suited for decorating wooden arbors.

The photo transparent curtains orange in the summer gazebo.

Porch Design Ideas

The use of curtains for the design of a summer terrace, allows you to place accents in the room and set the direction to the overall style. Various fabrics will give the building a romantic look and aesthetics, while more practical models will form a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

In the photo there is a veranda decorated with street rushtori of a dark shade.

Terrace design options

Models of the simplest configuration, harmoniously fit into the overall exterior, decorate it with their appearance and perfectly perform practical functions.

On the photo is a terrace with bright street curtains.

How to hang the curtains in the gazebo?

Use different types of fasteners, such as swivel or stapled brackets, round or rectangular grommets. Installation of plastic PVC curtain structures:

  1. Try the products to the opening, mark the points for fittings and install it.
  2. Curtain with straps fasten on the bracket and fix the canvas.

Photo gallery

In the modern exterior, street curtains are very popular. In addition to the fact that the curtains perfectly protect the gazebo or porch from wind, rain and sun, they perform an aesthetic function and create comfort in the room.

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