Color combination of plinth, floor and doors

In order for the interior to look harmonious, it is important to choose the colors of the floor, baseboards and doors when finishing the apartment.

Win-win - white baseboards with the same door and window trim. They can “make friends” among themselves, even colors that are not suitable at first glance, revive the atmosphere, give it a solemn and elegant look.

  • White baseboard can be used in any room - in the living room and kitchen, in the bathroom or in the hallway.
  • The plinth can be wide or narrow, go in one line or in two.
  • The white plinth emphasizes the geometry of the room, highlights the planes of the walls and changes the perception of volume - the room seems to be lighter, more airy.

Consider several options for a combination of plinth, floor and doors when finishing the apartment, and their role in shaping the interior.

Door and floor - dark, baseboard light

In that case, if you want to combine the dark colors of the floor with dark door leaves, designers recommend choosing light colors for baseboards and trims. This will visually facilitate the room, make it more “transparent”.

The combination of the floor and the doors of the same color will look harmonious, and the contrast plinth will allow you to avoid monotony. Please note that not the least role in the visual perception of such a decision is played by the width of linear elements - both the plinth, and the platbands, and the eaves. In this case, it should be at least eight centimeters. This color scheme looks very elegant, and is suitable for any room in the apartment.

Door and baseboard - light, floor - dark

The light color of the floor, baseboards and doors requires constant care and maintenance of cleanliness. Therefore, the floor is often made dark, but the doors and baseboards can be light. This option looks very solemn, and is suitable for different styles of interior design.

But there is one nuance: both the doors and the baseboards will have to be washed quite often, so that they do not lose their attractiveness. White is especially impractical in this respect, therefore, thinking about the color combination of the plinth, the floor and the doors, it is hardly worth including white there. It is better to choose light, but less soiled tones: beige, cream, ivory, light wood.

  • A very good option is the combination of a dark floor with light plinths in large rooms, not cluttered with furniture. A small room filled with various things is not suitable for such decoration.
  • Another option for combining the floor and doors on the principle of dark-light involves the color of the walls in light colors. This is especially good if the room is not too high. This color combination will allow you to visually slightly “lift” the ceiling.

The plinth is light, the floor is dark, the door is bright

The colors of the floor, baseboards and doors can be chosen in such a way as to produce a spectacular and original combination that serves as an independent decoration of the interior. For example, with the standard version of the dark flooring and light finish of the walls, the use of white baseboard and bright colors for the door leaf will create an interesting artistic image.

Saturated color will allow concentrating attention on the entrance zone, therefore such a solution is usually chosen for interior decoration of kitchens, hallways, halls. Such a contrasting combination of baseboards, floor and doors will look good in the style of pop art, as well as modern minimalist styles.

The plinth and the floor are light, the door is dark

If with light floors doors have a dark color, then the plinth should choose light shades. But there are no strict restrictions for the casings; they may well be as dark as the door.

This combination will be most harmoniously perceived in large rooms - living rooms, halls. The room of a small square will be “crushed” by a large dark spot of the door, therefore for such rooms it is better to choose other color combinations of the floor and the doors. This design is best suited for the neoclassical style, if it is implemented in a country house.

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