Dark floor in the interior - how to combine and examples of design

The choice of flooring is very important for the integrity and perfection of the final result. In the interior, the first main focus may be on the walls and furniture, but the background, which influences the perception, always remains the floor. The main criteria are not only color, but also material.

If you do not want a traditional, seemingly boring and banal, but you want a spectacular, luxurious apartment design, then the dark floor in the interior of any room easily does it. Impressive interior photos will surely inspire you, and recommendations will help save a lot of time on making specific decisions.

Obvious advantages

Choosing such a design for premises of different functionalities, you should not worry about the following points:

  • Stylistics. Fits into any style, and is able to conditionally "add value" to the final result.
  • Psychological aspect. Choosing a dark scale is a natural solution. The basis of the room is subconsciously stable, reliable.

  • Saving. A spectacular floor can become the basis of the interior: it will allow the rest of the surfaces to be finished with neutral, more budget materials.
  • Contrast. Trendy black and white interiors.
  • Expressiveness. It combines with the pattern on the wallpaper. Excessive brightness reduces the light ceiling, neutral finish, upholstery of the main furniture.

  • The decoration of the accent wall, without which the interior is rarely dispensed with, can change the configuration of the room. Actual for a long narrow room.
  • Trendy gradient solutions (when one primary color is used with a different degree of saturation).

Vertical dark ornament will visually lift the ceiling.

Overcoming obstacles

Before enjoying the dark floor visually, you should consider the practical side of the issue - the care and maintenance of the original state. Yes: dust, crumbs, pet hair, other annoying little things can ruin any interior and on a dark they are more pronounced. Another point is the wear resistance, because worn spots are also more noticeable. Therefore, it is important to choose the optimal material that will help solve specific problems.

  • Parquet is a favorite of expensive interiors with proven quality. Now it is used not only in classical, but also popular eco-directions, for example, dark bog oak. As well as any covering from a natural tree, demands quite careful attitude, but will serve long at timely care.
  • Laminate. His choice should be approached as biased as possible, because there are representatives who are not distinguished by high strength: as a rule, the joints suffer.
  • Bung. Pretty new look, but with its own merits. For a similar price with high-quality laminate, you can gain in comfort, and the wonders of photo printing will create not just a dark coating, but an exclusive one.

  • In terms of durability and durability, the tile probably has no equal. But linoleum should not be discounted. Even budget representatives will provide 5-8 years of trouble-free service.
  • Bulk floor. Quite a popular solution for various rooms. It is worth considering that a glossy, with a mirror effect, a uniform coating will create an interior that is less permanent and more illusory than planned. Undoubtedly, will give momentum for cutting-edge design. Suitable for bold, loving innovative moments, both in technology and furniture. Here it is important not to lose comfort, not to cross the line between home interior and impersonal.

  • Carpet can not be ignored for use in such a "soft" room as a bedroom. The textures and colors of modern representatives of this material are so diverse that you can create a particularly chic look of the room. Bedroom, in terms of hard flooring operation, is at the end of the list. Without problems withstand from 5 years in pristine condition. This is a place of rest, relaxation: the issue of increasing space is not so acute as, for example, in the hall, kitchen. You can let the picture, combined with the rest of the design.

Shades of dark

Choosing a dark floor as the final part of the interior, many owners suffer from the choice of a suitable shade. If everything is quite clear with black color, then it is not easy to choose between chocolate and wenge.

Here there are 100% working rules based on the perception of the color spectrum as a whole, its interaction with the main components - walls, furniture:

  • to give a boudoir, luxurious look to any room - deep saturated purple, blue, anthracite-gray shades that seem black, but they are not. One or two dark walls will enhance the effect.
  • For a white interior, floor color is a decisive factor. Sometimes enough chocolate floor and wicker furniture to set the basic tone. The general view becomes warm, cozy, despite the walls, the ceiling of snow-white execution.

  • For silvery, soft pink walls, a dark gray floor is chosen as a more sophisticated companion.
  • Game dullness and gloss. On a dark-brown glossy parquet (laminate), a corrugated upholstered soft panel, fluffy carpets look spectacular.

Any non-uniformity in the form of light streaks, blotches in the floor covering will reduce the degree of contrast, and the disadvantages of care will not be noticeable.

Ode to the dark floor

For a memorable design, it is not necessary to invent complex moves. Dark floor is definitely worth rhyme with any element in the interior, a noticeable accessory. Designers recommend using decor items that are not in contact with the lower plane for this purpose.

A great option for a living room: vases, large things, standing, placed on open shelves, surfaces of sections, dressers, fireplace. There may be only 2-3 of them, but they must have character, express the general idea, but they may not be monotonous, but simply contain a noticeable amount of color of the floor covering.

For rooms with different functionalities, it is worth choosing win-win combinations from elements consonant to a dark floor, segments, accessories.

Functional roomLiving roomBedroomKitchenCanteen
Decorative pillows++
Headboards, beds, chairs++
Pictures, spectacular baguettes+++
Panel of decorative plates++

Caution: too dark

Cozy, than the combination of a dark floor covering and light walls for a drawing room, it is difficult to think up. But do not combine with all major items of furniture. Upholstered furniture can be lemon yellow, pale olive.

If you do not want a duet with a calm light beige, but you want brightness, dynamics - the accent color looks very bright in contrast with the dark surface: red, turquoise, fashionable neon. Furniture can be as colorful and non-standard as your imagination allows.

Only by long combinations it will turn out to create an interior that is successful in terms of perception and is completely in dark colors, when skillful aesthetics overcomes gloom. But the result, like a bohemian chic, is exactly original.

Doors, conspicuous architectural components, should not enter into a dissonance with a horizontal plane, but even one tone can be inappropriate. They are chosen in tune with the walls, especially for calm styles (Scandinavian).

As for the partial duplication with the ceiling version, it all depends on the height. Close to the black floor and the ceiling, along with a white side background - will expand the space, but reduce the height.

If the purpose of the room is an office, a library, perhaps a living room, then anturage techniques like a caisson ceiling (monophonic or combined) are appropriate. Execute in tune with the dark floor - a bold decision, immediately adding status, respectability. For country, some authentic variations - beams on a white background.

Special places

As a rule, the smallest in size, however, the bath and the corridor are very significant places for a holistic perception of the house. Here you should not be afraid of gloom. If you make small spaces evenly dark throughout the volume, you get the effect of blurring the boundaries. The effect of closeness, constraint is eliminated by a sufficient amount of lighting, large mirrors, which is typical for these zones.

For these zones dark warm floor - the best solution. It will create a mass of style variations. Fashionable loft is manifested in the form of an accent brick white wall. It is in perfect harmony with the extremely dark under the feet. Result: street chic for the hall, stylish urban "wet zone".

The most current bathroom items:

  • Spa - in a company with numerous woody surfaces, white fluffy towels;
  • mosaic design for originality, originality, strengthening of ethnic moments;
  • two monochromes (black horizontal, white vertical) plus a mirrored ceiling, yellow metal accessories — radiant glamor, a female version of a dream bath.

Attention! It is necessary to take into account the risk of leaving prints, traces of water stains, especially on gloss.

Kitchen and docking features

Kitchen, especially combined with other areas (living room, dining) - a place whose functionality has an impact on the choice of flooring. One cannot do without combining tiles with alternative wooden materials (parquet, laminate).

A few aesthetic design recommendations that can be noted for other cases:

  • Choosing the perfect combination in terms of perception is quite problematic - these are two different opposing materials, even in the same color they will look different.
  • Activate calm contrast, for example non-aggressive black with vanilla, light gray.
  • Add to the dark in a pair of color companion: cool green shades (mint, turquoise).
  • First choose a patterned tile with an ornament or a stone. Already to it - a dark wooden surface in the color of the veins of the stone, the elements of the picture.
  • For modern minimalism, form is the basis of the interior. Dark stone floor, "flowing" into the bar, countertop, apron, on a snow-white background - a bold design move.

Think over the connection of different floor coverings for different rooms or zones. For example, black tile - similar threshold. Or use the invisible narrow docking profiles.

In order for the contact of the boundaries between the two materials to be successful, you have to financially invest in the perfect alignment of the floor. Then, at the junction, there will be no noticeable seam, which is very convenient when cleaning.

All examples of interiors with a dark floor are prompted not to be afraid of experiments. But only taking into account the specific moments of use, not just aesthetic appeal, but also a practical burden, you can create the perfect design. As befits the best possible, successful solution, this option should accompany the owner through the year, pleasing daily.


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