Choosing a wallpaper for the children's room: 77 modern photos and ideas

Currently on sale there is a huge amount of wallpaper designed specifically for children's rooms. They are bright, colorful, can be decorated with scenes designed for children's perception: images of animals, cartoon characters, fabulous and fantastic pictures, etc.

How to navigate in this diversity, what wallpaper to choose for a child's room, so that the result of the repair pleased the aesthetic feeling, and at the same time the room fully complied with all the requirements for children's rooms?

Choosing a wallpaper for a child's room, first of all, it is necessary to consider how they meet the safety requirements. Of course, it should be borne in mind and their compliance with the overall style of the room.

Types of wallpaper

For children's rooms wallpapers are available on almost all existing substrates, but not all of them are suitable for use in a room designed for a child. Consider the most suitable wallpaper for the children's room.

  • Paper. Paper-based wallpaper is a great option, eco-friendly and safe. Of course, they must have a certificate of quality, since dyes are used in the production, and they must also be safe for the health of the child. The main disadvantage of this material is the fragility, however, in the nursery it is rather a plus, since the tendency of the kids to paint on the walls, and in later age to stick posters and photos on them leads to the need for frequent replacement of wallpaper.
  • Liquid wallpaper. Cotton fibers, particles of wood bark, mica, and also gelatin are a part. The main advantage is good insulating properties in combination with safety, such wallpapers do not emit harmful substances into the air. In addition, they are practical: it is easy to restore damaged areas using a freshly prepared solution. Appearance remains for a long time, the only negative - a higher price compared to paper.
  • PVC coated wallpaper. Especially for active kids and teenagers, AntiMarker wallpapers are produced. Their synthetic coating will withstand scratches, dirt does not stick to it, children's drawings and grease stains can be washed off of this wallpaper with any dishwashing detergent. Frames from cartoons, views of landscapes, fabulous and fantastic plots are used as drawings - when choosing wallpaper for a children's room, there is an opportunity to choose an option for every taste. Stick wallpaper simple enough. The only problem is environmental friendliness. The presence of a certificate confirming that the composition of the coating does not include compounds that release harmful substances into the air, in this case is mandatory.
  • Bung. This is a great material with a number of valuable properties. It does not interfere with air exchange, reduces heat transfer and increases sound insulation of walls, is pleasant to the touch and completely safe. Due to its structure, it softens the blows - the probability of getting a bruise hitting the wall is practically reduced to zero. Other natural materials - bamboo, jute, reed, rattan - have similar properties. All of them are used in the production of wallpaper. The main disadvantage of natural materials - the high cost.

Color solution for children

The susceptibility of the child to any environmental influences is much higher than that of an adult, so it is especially important what colors the nursery will be decorated with. If the composition of the wallpaper affects the physical condition of the child, the color has a direct impact on the nervous system and psyche.

Some colors and color combinations are capable of pleasing and enhancing the activity of the nervous system, while others, on the contrary, inhibit its work, which must be taken into account when choosing a wallpaper design for a children's room. The perception of color by a person changes with age, and especially quickly these changes pass from the moment of birth until the moment of completion of the basic formation of the organism. Approximately it is possible to divide the period of maturation into several stages:

  • From 0 to 3. At this time, the baby should be surrounded by soft colors, pastel shades, their combinations should be calm, not annoying. "Bleached" light colors will create a joyful and at the same time peaceful atmosphere, contributing to the proper development of the nervous system.

  • From 3 to 6. You can add bright, cheerful colors, images of cartoon characters. The only rule is: the figures on the walls should not be larger than the child itself, otherwise they will oppress his psyche. Too contrasting color combinations are undesirable, as are chaotic images of geometric figures, especially with sharp corners - they personify danger and cause alarming states.

  • From 6 to 9. The social circle expands, new interests appear - and they can be reflected in the design of the room. For example, you can stick wallpapers with a picture of a starry sky map on the ceiling, and turn one of the walls into a world map. You can use more active color combinations.

  • From 9 to 12. The child begins to recognize himself as a person, learns to defend his interests, at this age there passes the final division according to gender. At registration of the room it is necessary to consult with the child.

  • After 12. Teenagers are already fully formed personalities with their own preferences. At this age, a child can decorate his room the way he wants it - full-wall posters, futuristic wallpapers or images of idols.

Options for girls

Traditionally, light shades of the warm part of the spectrum are chosen for girls' rooms - red, pink, warm yellow, delicate green, peach, lavender and mint tones.

Drawings on the wallpaper for the walls of the children's room, designed for girls, can depict animals, cartoon characters, beautiful landscapes, castles, carriages, crowns and other royal paraphernalia.

Ideas for boys

For boys choose cool shades - blue, blue or gray. In addition, you can use green in combination with blue or brown, yellow with green and beige, red and brown, or gray and orange. Sand, blue, white - this combination is perfect for the sea style.

Drawings on the wallpaper for the walls of the children's room, designed for boys, can depict motorcycles and cars, cartoon characters, animals, images of sports, sea or space subjects.

Features of the choice of wallpaper for children of different sexes

In cases when there are two or even more children of different sexes in the family, and it is impossible to select a separate room for everyone, the question is asked - how can we arrange a common nursery? If children of close age, the problem is solved easier. While they are small, everyone will need only a separate place to sleep, but a zone for games and different activities may be common. At this time, the wallpaper can be zoned premises in separate zones according to the functional principle: a zone for sleeping and a zone for games.

Older children will want to have a separate space, even if it is not limited by walls. Select such a personal area will help wallpaper for the child's room of a boy and a girl of different colors. You can also emphasize the difference by texture and pattern. For example, “half” of a girl should be decorated with polka dots, and a boy - with stripes.

Wallpaper in the room for teenagers

During this period, it is better to entrust the child to choose the design of the wallpaper himself, but at the same time, of course, the choice should be justified, you should try to dissuade from extreme decisions. No need to settle for too dark wallpaper of dark tones, especially if they use a large amount of black.

In the nursery there should be a bright, joyful mood, and this will help the wall decoration with wallpaper of pleasant colors, with optimistic images on them.

Photo gallery

Photo 1. Calm beige wallpaper with white stripes suitable for a newborn girl or boy.

Photo 2. Wallpapers with imitation bricks in the bedroom of a teenage boy allow you to create a modern style loft.

Photo 3. Neutral beige wallpaper in the nursery allows you to decorate the wall with a variety of stickers or drawings of a child's choice.

Photo 4. Photo wallpaper space themes are perfect for a boy's bedroom.

Photo 5. Wallpaper in a cage will help create a universal image of the room, suitable for both girls and boys.

Photo 6. Beige wallpaper with the image of a lighthouse and a sail helps to create a marine style in the bedroom for two boys.

Photo 7. The division of the children's bedroom into two parts is made with the help of a wardrobe and wallpaper with a different pattern in each of the halves.

Photo 8. Narrow or wide stripes on a white background - these wallpapers are suitable for a children's room of children of any age.

Photo 9. The “princess” room is lined with delicate pink wallpaper, in the bedroom area the wall is decorated with an image of a stylized castle.

Photo 10. Calm blue wallpaper with a small pattern on one wall, and monophonic with a large pattern in the form of tree branches on the other - the perfect combination, suitable for both boys and girls.

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