Interiors of children's rooms for newborns

The appearance in the family of a small miracle, always accompanied by impatient anticipation and anticipation of the holiday. For a small tenant, they prepare their own corner and, if possible, arrange a separate children's room interior for a newborn.

Kids, unlike us adults, have special preferences in color and textures, which are caused not by a personal whim, but by a completely objective necessity. Given the basic rules for creating children's room design for a newborn, parents are able to make his new life comfortable and calm.

Rule one:

Interiors of children's rooms for newborns, its colors, should not overload the perception of the baby. Light pastel colors, pink, white or for example, a green hue, perfect for first impressions.

Rule two:

Try to use only the most necessary things in the room. children's room interior for a newborn should not resemble an exhibition in the furniture salon. It is worth explaining why, first and foremost, for a baby and mother for a comfortable existence, it is enough to have a comfortable bed, possibly with a rocking element, a chest of drawers and a changing table, the most convenient is the combined option.

A wardrobe can be, but in most cases, one dresser is enough for at least six months. That's what will be really useful if you embed baby room design for a newborn, couch, sofa or small sofa. At first, the mother has to spend a lot of time with the baby, so any woman will appreciate the extra five minutes to lie down. A great example of a children's room with a small sofa, cot, chest of drawers and changing table can be found here.

Well, the second important point - the less loaded the furniture is in the room, the easier and faster it will be to clean and wash it, and as you know, dust can cause allergic reactions, so you should not save it.

Rule Three:

Bright details and accents, of course must be present in interiors of children's rooms for newborns, but these accents need to be added gradually. A baby at the age of one week is not yet able to focus attention on many details, so the smallest ones are recommended to show black and white images.

As the baby grows, you can gradually add bright characters to the room. In the photo is an example of a room that is made “for growth”. Present details children's room design for a newborn, changing table and carrycot. In this case, a cabinet with shelves and toys for the baby from six months.

Rule Four:

If there is not enough space to create a full interior baby room for a newborn - this is not a reason to be limited to one bed. In the photo is an example of a crib-transformer. Such furniture is convenient, practical and compact.

Rule Five:

AT interiors of children's rooms for newborns babies, often little attention is paid to the issue of night feedings and vigils. In the life of mother and baby, they play a significant role, so the soft light is very important, it will not “cut” the eyes and can remain working as a night light. Decorations are suitable for central lighting, which also distract the baby not for long.

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