Blue curtains in the interior: types, fabrics, shades, patterns, combinations, decor

Blue curtains are able to give the room individuality and make it memorable and unique. The main thing is to be able to combine the correct shades of curtains with furniture and the overall style of the room, while creating a cozy atmosphere.

Selection features

  • It is not necessary to decorate dark rooms with blue curtains, they will make the room cold and uncomfortable.
  • With good lighting with blue you can create an atmosphere of freshness and coolness.
  • Thanks to the light blue curtains you can visually expand the room.

The photo has a minimalist bedroom with accent blue curtains, light furniture and light lilac walls.

Types of curtains

Curtains - an important component of the interior. One of the main signs of choice is the style, of which there is a huge amount.


Such curtains are often also called "rain." They resemble a multitude of threads that can be made of metal, plastic, cloth, beads, as well as of many other available tools. Often these curtains are used to create an accent in the design of the room.

In the photo is the bedroom for the girl, decorated with bright blue cotton curtains.


This is a solid canvas, the dimensions of which coincide with the size of the window. They can transmit light and be translucent, or vice versa, to be dense, depending on the room in which they are located.

The photo shows a teenage room for a boy with roman blinds on the windows.


This type is a direct canvas of various rigid material, at the bottom of which there is a weighting agent, thanks to him the curtain does not deform. Such curtains can be of different colors and can be decorated with different patterns. Used both independently and as creating a darker lighting in the room.


It is a light, transparent fabric. It can be as smooth texture, and made with different draperies.


This type is a set of vertical or horizontal plates connected by a common mount. Strips can be made of metal, fabric or plastic. Equipped with a swiveling and sliding (vertical plates) or lifting (horizontal plates) mechanism by which the lighting in the room is regulated.

Photo curtains

The most common type of textile curtains in the form of panels or loose curtains. The main advantage of this type of curtains is the ability to create custom-made curtains.

Double curtains

The peculiarity of this type is the imposition of two different fabrics one on top of the other. For the design of double curtains, you can use different color combinations, different density of fabrics and different texture.

Sizes of curtains

The choice of the length of the curtains depends on which room they will be in, and on the characteristics of this room, such as ceiling height, lighting, and area.


In most cases, short curtains are used in the kitchen, since it is there that is usually a small area and the room is rather cluttered. Thus, an additional visual effect of an even smaller area is not created.


Unlike the kitchen, in the bedroom, nursery or living room it is better to use long curtains on the floor, which will decorate the interior and protect from the penetration of sunlight, allowing you to relax and rest.

Curtain material

Different materials are used for curtains. The main types: natural fabrics, canvases of animal origin, synthetics and semi-synthetics.

Fabrics for curtains

Portieres are made of dense materials and have protective and decorative functions. Can be monophonic or with different patterns.


Blackout - a segment of dense textiles. Single-layer blackout often performs the function of protecting the fabric, double-layer is usually used to better absorb sunlight. In this case, most often the first layer is applied in black.


Flax - a natural dense material. Most often used in the manufacture of curtains and simple curtains.


Velvet - fleecy heavy fabric, retains heat well in the room. It creates a solemn atmosphere, because it is usually used in the hall of the classical style.


Satin - soft and iridescent fabric. Can be embossed or smooth. Also most often used in the hall or bedroom.


Jacquard fabrics look advantageous on both sides due to the dense weave of threads. Such curtains can be used in different styles and different rooms.


Externally, the matting is similar to burlap, made with the help of a plain weave of paired threads, resulting in a certain chess relief. This type of curtains is best to decorate the kitchen and the living room.


This type is most often used for curtains. Soft curtains soft, smooth and flowing, have frosted shades. Look great in many rooms of different styles.


Lightweight material created from natural and artificial yarns. The main advantage of this type - with different lighting portiere shimmers in different colors.

Fabrics for tulle

In favor of correctly selected tulle, you can decorate any interior. The stores offer a large selection of different fabrics, textures and prints.


Gentle fabric, subject to deformation. Often used in the bedroom or living room.


The fabric is created by the strong twisting of the threads, which results in a transparent and sturdy material. Such tulle will suit any room.


This type is a set of separately hanging threads. Often used to visually separate different zones from each other.

Types of attachment to the rail

There are many options for fixing curtains. Consider the main ones.


They are usually made of plastic, sometimes of metal, and are rings that cling to the eaves and sewn into the canvas itself.


On the velcro stick only light curtains. One side of it is attached to the curtain, and the other to a special mount on the wall.


Loops made of the same material as the curtains, easy to put on the eaves. With this attachment, an emphasis is created on the vertical pattern or on the vertical folds.


Most often, thus fasten straight curtains. In this case, the entire curtain is equipped with a pocket in the entire width, which is located in the upper part, with the help of it the curtain is put on the eaves. This type is suitable for rooms with a simple and unpretentious design.


The most common use of tape is curtain tape. It is mounted on the inside of the curtains and allows you to adjust their width on the window.


Fastening curtains on the rings is particularly popular in the world. This view allows you to choose rings in the style of the interior of the room, and also just hangs on the eaves.

Shades of blue

The right choice of shades of blue curtains ensures the creation of a harmonious atmosphere in the house.

Dark blue

These colors look good in a large living room or bedroom. They will help to create an atmosphere of calm and cleanliness.

In the photo is a classic-style bedroom with dark wallpaper and dark blue curtains.

Bright blue

Bright portieres will look good in the nursery. They are recommended to be combined with bright wallpaper and decor.


In combination with white can effectively decorate the room in a modern style.

Blue blue

In the sunny rooms in the southern part of the apartment, blue shades will give a fresh feeling. Also, blue tones are best used in small rooms, with the help of such curtains you will visually enlarge the space, examples can be seen in another article.

Examples in the interior of rooms

You can decorate any room with blue curtains.

In the living room or hall

When using blue curtains in the living room, you need to consider the side on which the windows overlook, as well as the dimensions of the room. Dark shades are suitable for a large hall, in a small room it is better to use blue tones to make the room seem larger.

In the photo room in brown shades, decorated with a light blue ceiling and more saturated shades of curtains.

To the kitchen

Blue color can reduce appetite, because it is not often used for the kitchen. If the kitchen is made in a marine style, then it is better to hang light blue or bright blue short curtains.

To the bedroom

Blue tones in the bedroom will create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. It is better to use curtains of thick fabrics that will not let the sunlight through.

The photo shows a bedroom design in a classic style with dark blue curtains and an accent of the same tone on the bed.

In the children's room

For the nursery, a combination of rich blue with any bright color, for example, yellow or light green, will do. Dark blue sea-style curtains will look great in the boy’s room.

For bathroom

If the bathroom has a window, then it is better to use light and airy colors of blue, for example, light blue or azure. You can use the marine theme, the main thing is not to make the room too cold due to the presence of a large number of dark blue shades.

On the loggia

When choosing blue shades of curtains for the loggia, you need to consider the degree of illumination and the location of the window. For well-lit windows on the south side, rich shades of blue are suitable, which will create an atmosphere of coolness. For dark loggias more suitable light shades.

Photo curtains in various styles

Curtains of blue tones can be used in any style of the room, just need to know how to properly combine curtains with the rest of the furniture and which shade of blue is better to choose.


Blue curtains will look great in the interior in the style of Provence, bringing to it the atmosphere of the sea and the warm, light fresh wind. To create a balance, it is better to combine them with pastel tones of furniture and accessories.


A distinctive feature of curtains in a modern style is light or accent colors, monotony, and as a rule, the absence of bows and ruches. Therefore, for example, in the living room, saturated single-color straight blue curtains combined with beige furniture will look good, or sky-blue curtains surrounded by warm colors.


If the wallpaper in the room is decorated with patterns, it is best to use plain blue curtains on the windows. If the wall covering without a print, then decorate the blue curtains can be a light geometric pattern. Also do not forget that it is better to use dark shades in large rooms, and light in small ones.

In the photo a large bright room with blue-blue curtains along the window, combined by French curtains.


In the loft style, window colors are used as light colors, white or beige, and dark, for example, blue. With this solution, it is better to add textiles or accessories of the same shade to the room as the curtains.


The minimalism style is not characterized by bright colors. More suitable dark blue monochrome curtains, decorated with a light contrasting pattern or a bright stripe along the top edge.

Design ideas and drawings on the curtains

Curtains in blue tones can be both monophonic, and with various patterns.


Curtains with flowers are most often used in modern style or country.


There are curtains of blue shades with the image of various streets and cities. Suitable for teenage and living rooms.


Most often striped curtains are used in children's rooms.


Curtains in a cage look very simple, but elegant. This view is suitable for the kitchen, and for the bedroom or nursery in a modern style.


One of the most common variants of the pattern of stars - dark blue curtains, decorated with various constellations. Such a composition is best suited for children's rooms.


Ombre curtains in blue and white with several transitions will look great in the living room with high ceilings, creating an atmosphere of sea breeze. As a rule, such curtains do not decorate anything, otherwise their "zest" is lost.

Under jeans

This design option is suitable for teenage rooms, curtains are associated with walks and youth sneakers.


The most common use of curtains with a Gzhel pattern is a kitchen or office in the same style: white walls with a thin blue pattern, light furniture, a neutral floor and white-blue curtains.

Combinations with other colors

It is necessary to properly combine the blue shades of the curtains with other colors so as not to darken the room and not create an energetically heavy atmosphere.


This combination gives neutral blue shades. Suitable for bedrooms, creating an atmosphere of calm.


Orange shades look great with curtains of light, heavenly colors, creating a calm atmosphere. For a bright design, a combination of sand color with a rich blue tone is better suited.


The blue-gold color looks very elegant. This combination is often used in classic interiors or retro style.


This color palette looks elegant, calm and restrained. Blue-beige curtains are suitable for the interior in a classic style.


In combination with white, you can create a simple and fresh interior. For the nautical style, this combination is irreplaceable. Additional bright colors can be added to accessories and décor.

In the photo there is a dining area with a blue carpet, a turquoise ceiling and paintings complementing the interior and white and blue curtains.


Combinations of blue and yellow are commonly used in country style.

The photo shows a children's room in a modern style with bright paintings and roller blinds in yellow and blue colors.

Combination Options

At present, a combination of different curtains is often used to create harmony in the room. The most commonly used combination of translucent curtains and thick curtains, it allows you to adjust the lighting.

Tulle and portiere

Tulle and drapes are often combined in bedrooms and living rooms. For blue curtains fit yellow tulle to create a bright accent, or white for a calmer atmosphere.


In the combination of curtains of two colors it is necessary to take into account the fact that these colors should complement each other and be contrast. One of the shades is chosen as the main one, and the second one sets it off. For example, turquoise-blue curtains with purple curtains will look beautiful.


Lambrequins usually decorate the hall. With their help, you can complement the image of the room, revive the design, and also hide the flaws of the ceiling and the unevenness of the walls near the window. Curtains with aquamarine or emerald green curtains will look good.

The combination of different lengths

The length of the curtains is very important, if they are too long, then they will accumulate a lot of dust, too short will look awkward. But you can combine different lengths, for example, a stylish and often used combination - Roman and long curtains. Most often, this combination is found in the living room and bedroom.

With wallpaper

The combination of colors can be in the same palette, for example, blue curtains and blue wallpaper, and contrasting (dark blue and beige) or complementary (turquoise and lilac).

In the photo there is a living room with blue curtains and patterned wallpaper.

With furniture

Blue shades of curtains are best combined with the furniture of the same palette and pastel tones of wall coverings. For example, a blue sofa, carpet and curtains in combination with beige or white shades of the rest of the furniture will look spectacular.


Curtains, bedspreads, pillows can be monochromatic, vary in shade or have different colors, while overlapping with common motifs in the pattern.

Curtain decoration options

There is a mass of a various decor of curtains, the main of them are presented below.


They can be from different materials and different shapes, the main thing is that the holders fit into the general interior of the room. Often their color coincides with the color of curtains.


Clips can be purchased in the store, and make yourself. For example, an old beautiful hairpin can help decorate the interior.


Tacks can be made of beads, twine or fabric, depending on the room in which they are used. According to the color scheme can be in the tone of the curtains, or a contrasting color. Pick-up can be done with your own hands from a variety of tapes offered in stores.

Tassels and fringe

Will add any curtains and will add the identity to design. You can use brushes of different colors and change them depending on your mood.

Photo gallery

Blue shades, there are many, and blue curtains can decorate any room in the apartment. You just need to know how to choose the right furniture, decor, accessories and combine different colors.

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