Large paper flowers made from corrugated paper

To make corrugated paper flowers DIY is very simple. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to create whole bouquets of original flowers. Decorate them with your home or garden, and please your household.

To create large colors of corrugated paper will need to purchase:

  • sheets of multi-colored corrugated paper (the number of sheets of 6-8 pieces, size 50x80 centimeters);
  • paper clips in the amount equal to sheets of paper (6-8 pieces);
  • paper scissors;
  • soft thin wire.

First of all, before making paper colors corrugated paper, choose a place convenient and sufficient for work. Take a sheet of colored corrugated paper and begin to compress and fold like an accordion. Try to get the resulting folds corresponded lines corrugations on paper. Each bend should be no more than 5 centimeters in width.

Now we need clips for paper. Secure the resulting folded strips forlarge corrugated paper colors.

Put on the work surface in the order that you have determined for yourself, all the colored stripes. Take scissors for paper and cut the ends of the folded strips so that you have a “ladder”. Each subsequent strip should be less than the previous one by about 4 centimeters. For example, if initially the first of them was 50 centimeters, then the second would be 46 centimeters, the third - 42 centimeters, the fourth - 38 centimeters. And so on.

Now you can decorate the edges of our strips for paper colors corrugated paper. They can be made either smooth or sharp. Do it on both sides.

Pass the scissors along the finished folds of the colored stripes, cutting them to the middle (the place where the clip is located is not cutting) on ​​both sides. Do this in all folds.

Remove the paper clips from our strips and lay them on the table, in order. Starting from the longest strip and ending with the shortest. Now, the resulting color, squeeze back into the harmonica.

In the center drag the wire.

The next step is to start lifting up from the common ligament, each strip separately on both sides, smoothing them. Do this by successively straightening each color.

Will gradually emerge large flower made of corrugated paper. Do not be afraid to apply the amendments, if some petals do not suit you in length or width, for this use paper scissors.

Watch the video: Diy Rose Tutorial Large Size Paper Rose (March 2020).

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