Chebbi chic in the interior - examples of design

Modern interiors are designed to carry their owners comfort, practicality and not piling up unnecessary items. But such interpretations are not to everyone’s liking. True romantic motifs carries a chebbi-chic style. Such a "shabby chic" can be created from antique items that remain from the older generation. But not always those, so you have to include your own design abilities.

Principles of style

What is the style chebbi chic in the interior? About the interior, made in this style, we can say that it combines the following characteristics:

  • romance;
  • femininity;
  • vintage;
  • comfort and tranquility.

The style of chic in the interior is often compared with the style of Provence, as these two styles can cause similar effects: the color scheme, the use of whitewashed furniture, the presence of additional items in the interior, creating coziness (photo frames, candlesticks, lamps, statuettes).

So, the chebbi chic style implies presence:

  • Antique furniture that is restored in a special way (decoupage, "erased" painting, changing some forms, etc.). It is also possible to rework modern furniture "antique", that is, artificially aged furniture of modern production.
  • Vintage interior or those that are similar in design (chandeliers, lamps, statues, candlesticks, photo frames, etc.).
  • Light tones of objects, wall covering mixed with "milk" (milky blue, milky pink, milky brown, etc.).
  • A floor covering that imitates or really consists of wood (a board with a bright pattern of annual rings, cut at a favorable angle, is best suited for shebby chic style in the interior).
  • The ceiling, which resembles a "grandmother's" house with beams and whitewash, stucco.
  • Textiles (floral prints with various sizes of buds - all this will perfectly fit into the chebbi chic interior).
  • Handmade items (hand made).

It is possible to create chebbi chic style in the interior with your own hands. For this useful modern building materials and the desire to change their own homes.
The basic principle of style is to use decor in moderation. Unnecessarily placed cute little things around the room will not become a decoration, but will speak about the lack of a sense of proportion in the owners, will become dust collectors.

We make the interior by yourself

To independently turn your own home into a fabulous interior, it is necessary to think in detail about the future "remake".

General color range

The interior in the style of chebbi chic and Provence implies the use of soft pastel tones, which can be either in the same color scheme or in different colors, but can perfectly complement each other (for example, if the walls are painted in a soft blue, then beige can complement it peach shades).

All shades of milky are welcome. Why not white? White color means something new, unused. Since the aim of the style is to bring objects as close to antiquity as possible, it is undesirable to use white. Dairy is better to show that the subject already has its own history.
A bad idea would be to create a “shabby chic” interior style with one shade (for example, all the details are completely painted in a milky color). Dilute the base color with other pastel colors. It is preferable to use those shades that are natural.


To transform a room into a new style for it, you can remove the old coating from the walls and apply a new one. But for a particularly budget option, you can do nothing with the walls, but paint them with water-based paint using a small amount of pigment. All irregularities emphasize deliberately rough strokes. If the leveling is planned with plaster, then the use of its textured version and subsequent subsequent painting will be relevant.

The walls are the basis of the interior, so you need to choose the color responsibly. Catchy shades are unacceptable, application of flowers of natural origin, but well diluted with "milk", will be optimal. It can be gently pink, lilac, green, peach, coffee colors.


If the repair of the room was not done for a long time, then the ceiling will have the appropriate appearance. Do not rush to correct all irregularities and cracks. If you add beams to it, it will be a great imitation of a country house of bygone days. Also, the addition of stucco (both plaster and high-quality foam).

The arrangement of the interior of the chebbi style also implies the use of modern methods to transform the ceiling. This tension structures. The main condition for its use is the installation of matte copies. Gloss will not give the desired effect for the chebbi. Stucco can also be used here. The color scheme is pastel colors.


Old tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, parquet or laminate - something that is perfect for this style. The linoleum which is fallen in love by many will be inappropriate.
The best option is to use bleached or aged boards for the installation of flooring, as well as one that contains well-defined tree annual circles.

If laminate is used, then it is welcome from natural wood. The color of the floor should not be too rich and dark, but in some interpretations such a decision may be justified.


Do-it-yourself decor in the style of chebbi chic can be done by starting with the transformation of furniture. That it is the main highlight of this style. A prerequisite is its color in bright colors. No dark shades should be. Also, the furniture should be artificially aged (add scratches, scuffs, roughness). And if it is already old, then it must be emphasized with the help of painting.

You can make any furniture, but the style requires exactly the one that does not contain sharp corners. Choosing a chebbi style, the decor depends on the appearance of the furniture. Since it was not previously made with clear edges and geometric shapes, the use of such options will not work. Preference should be given to the "grandmother" dressers, chests, sideboards with many drawers. A separate place is also occupied by upholstered furniture with figured backs and armrests. Upholstery should match the style - floral prints, pastel colors. At least it can be changed.


There are certain requirements for curtains, furniture covers, pillows, bedspreads of this style. It must be a fabric of different prints, preferably of natural origin:

  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • cotton lace;
  • wool;
  • sackcloth;
  • chintz

Lambrequins along with curtains for this style will be relevant, as well as textiles on lamp shades. But do not combine floral print on all possible surfaces, as it may look nalyapisto.


Choosing the interior, which is made in the style of Chebbi, a special role should be given to lighting. The case concerns not only lamps with fancy lace and textile lampshades, but also chandeliers, candles, lamps.

When installing a stretch ceiling, you should not install spotlights, here they will be inappropriate.

Chandeliers are especially appreciated by those that have a figured frame, decorated with crystal (glass) beads, pendants, chains. If this is not available, then the decor in the style of shebby chic can be made independently: to complement the existing chandelier with hanging beads and just wrap them with beads.

Wall lamps as sconces are also used as lighting, even they can have a textile lampshade. Night lamps will also fit into the general style, just pick them up according to the general mood - if a lot of textiles are used, then the night light can be glass, and if not, then the lampshade version is used safely.

At will, the general decor can be added with candlesticks (candelabra), which will create a romantic mood in the whole room. Self-standing candles will also be relevant, you need to choose them in the same color scheme, but using different diameters and heights.

Decorative items

The mood of this style is not created by candlesticks and armchairs. As a decor, the room is decorated with the following items:

  • Antique clock. A shabby dial with Roman numerals in an old frame or a cuckoo clock will become an indispensable decoration for a chic room. Do not forget about the reincarnation of these objects under the bleached worn chebbi.

  • Napkins and tablecloths. Crocheted objects of the decor exclusively complement the overall image of the room. You can also complement the textile tablecloth with such lace.
  • Pictures It is better that these were pictures embroidered satin stitch or cross.
  • Pleasant trifles. These are various figurines of porcelain, bronze, clay, vases with fresh flowers, photographs in frames (frames can be made independently using lace, textiles, beads, etc.), dolls (preferably porcelain).

  • Specific decor. This includes non-working telephones of bygone days, "grandmother's" chests, restored window shutters, window frames of the original form, boxes for vegetables, doors and other items that are not customary to observe in the familiar interior.

Creating a style of chebbi in the interior with your own hands is not difficult. This is easy to do if there are flea markets in the city. There are usually found exclusive things that with the slightest alterations will be the highlight of the interior.

Application of style in the interior

Over the years, the style has developed a certain stereotype that the design in the style of shebby chic is suitable exclusively for the bedroom. But this is far from the case.


A cooking room can be very nice and cozy if you transform it in a chebbi style. Here it is necessary to pay special attention to the appearance of walls, furniture, lamps and curtains. They are dominant in the kitchen, minor details should be paid to minor details. Vintage dishes will create a special atmosphere (kettle, cutting boards, images on plates that will stand on shelves or hang on walls, etc.).


The bathroom design in the style of chebbi chic will combine interesting square-shaped tiles, semi-antique mixers (even better if they are really instances that are not a dozen years old), an oval or round washbasin on shaped metal pedestals, etc. The interior of the bathroom chebbi chic will not differ in color from the classical understanding of this style. The main focus of the room will be the bathroom. It would be more appropriate to look a small bathroom on metal figure legs. Metal color is welcome in shades of gold and bronze.

Living room

Vintage drapery of sofas and armchairs, well-chosen lighting of the room, curtains and other elements that characterize the chebbi style will allow you to organize the space with comfort and with minimal investment in rebuilding. Particular attention should be paid to the little things that will clearly express the character of the owners of the house and talk about their values.

A combination of contrasting elements is allowed: dark wood and soft pastel colors (for example, a wooden table, a chest of drawers and gently peach textiles on a general background of pastel colors).


Romantically decorated gazebo near the house will delight their masters with special comfort. The main role in this design plays textiles: curtains, upholstery, tablecloth, napkins, towels. Also, tea drinking will become more enjoyable if you use high-quality porcelain, which by design resembles the Baroque era.

Shebby-chic style can be applied to any zone in the house. The main thing is that the details of the decor were relevant to this room. For example, photos with your beloved grandmother are unlikely to look favorably in the bathroom or in the gazebo, which are made in the style of chebbi.

Who would suit the style

There are cases when the style itself manifests itself in the interior, whether you want it or not. The presence of various antiquities, which went along with the great-grandmother's apartment, a priori, claim to be a small restoration.

So, the chebbi style will be relevant for such categories of people:

  • Lovers save. It is not cheap to turn your home, which needs repair, from ordinary dullness into an interesting picture. Old furniture can be well decorated using various techniques (decoupage, painting, stencils, framing). Glass in furniture will look great in the technique of stained glass (for this purpose, use the contour of the glass and stained glass paint). Old parquet is not necessary to dismantle, and enough to polish, fix holes and varnish. The whitewashed ceiling and old wallpapers painted over the top (especially if they didn’t sag or swell) will only complement the chosen style.

  • Plyushkin. If it is a pity to throw out old things that are of special value to the owner, they can be restored to this style and arrange their housing. Thus, the objects will be preserved, and the room will acquire a new image.
  • Romantic and creative nature. You can take inspiration for creating something new in such a cozy girl's room. This style is for sensual people who prefer more comfort and mood than practicality.

Do not equip a room in this style, if you can not often clean up, as an abundance of textiles and decorative trifles will regularly collect dust on themselves.


The style of "shabby" chic is quite specific, as it contains various elements of antiquity, and not everyone likes this. But if you give him preference, you can achieve uniqueness and individuality, which is very rare for modernity.

When organizing a room on your own, you need to take into account many things that will affect the end result as a whole.

  1. For the best effect, it is worthwhile to combine different textures, even if they contrast with each other - delicate cotton lace with a rough canvas of hessian, ostrich feathers with hemp rope, etc.
  2. The abundance of hand-made objects will become a topical addition to the general image of the room.
  3. If there is no opportunity to purchase truly antique furniture, there is always the opportunity to age your own.
  4. You should not overdo it with decorative elements, it is important to know the measure.
    Having penetrated with the idea of ​​reincarnating any room under the chebbi style, you can achieve a good result by spending the least amount of money, but it takes a lot of effort.


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