Kitchen design in a country house +75 photos

The center of any home is the kitchen. This applies particularly to a country house, since the room is characterized by considerable size, the household spend a lot of time here.

When developing kitchen design in a country house, they emphasize its convenience, ergonomics, and beauty. The main factors that affect the interior are:

  • the number of family members, including pets;
  • the general style of the house, the kitchen should not discord with it;
  • room size.

Types of layouts

Not one type of planning is possible here, you just need to remember, in the kitchen in the house there are obligatory work and dining areas, as well as transit. When developing a plan follow the principle of convenience. The cooker, sink, and refrigerator are arranged according to the “working triangle” rule, not far from each other.

  • U-shaped layout - one of the most successful.

Work units, furniture arranged in the form of the letter "p". You do not have to run a lot around the room, the hostess only turns from time to time in different directions.

  • Island is convenient in a wider room.

"Island", standing in the center, is equipped with a stove. Here is a sink. Passages around should not be a meter.

  • L-shaped arrangement may not be so convenient.

Suitable for a small kitchen or rectangular room. Refrigerator with sink placed on one line, the stove - on the other.

  • Linear option is not the most convenient.

It is advisable if a small room is allocated for the kitchen, which is irrelevant for most country houses. When cooking, you have to overcome extra distances, wasting time in vain.

  • Two-row arrangement of furniture - if the kitchen has an elongated shape.

A stove with a sink set on one line, a refrigerator, an oven with a microwave occupy the opposite position. If space is available, a dinner table is placed in the center.

In a country house, the kitchen room is usually spacious, often combined with a living room, a dining room. Therefore, a functional working assistant in the form of a table-island that can accommodate a stove, sink, and refrigerator at the same time will be useful. The size of the island are large, it will be used for cooking, storing utensils, food, carry the function of the bar. With a modest kitchen size, they install a small island or peninsula that goes out of the wall, continues the furniture line.

The kitchen with access to the terrace or garden has a free passage area that does not cross the work area. This will provide convenience and safety.


The house, decorated in a certain style, has a kitchen with a corresponding design. The influence of the landscape features: nearby river, forest, mountains become part of the room, a natural continuation of the interior.

  1. A mansion, cottage, lined with stone, requires a classic interior, French or English, Empire. Here everything is functional, convenient. Kitchen set strict forms with straight lines, stove with hood styled as a fireplace. In the interior are wood, stone, gilding, vases, paintings, textiles a bit.
  2. A house of timber, logs will entail the appropriate design of the kitchen: country, provence, rustic. These styles are close to classical, but full of warmth and comfort. The house looks like a Russian dacha, the log house will resemble a hut, a noble estate. This oven will create a homely feeling. Stone niches are used, old beams, furniture set is collected from individual items.
  3. Modern cottage, equipped with panoramic windows, will be organic in a minimalist style. Fans of metal, glass will create a high-tech kitchen. Laconic forms of Scandinavian cuisine are not cluttered with furniture and accessories. The texture of natural wood emit varnish. The floor is light wooden or tiled. Reigns cold shades, inconspicuous paint.
  4. The house, located near the reservoir, is made in the Mediterranean, sea, beach style. Located not far from the ski resort, visited mainly in the winter, it is styled as a chalet. Kitchen without unnecessary details, the decor elements are coarse, massive. Comfort, the strength of a rural home emphasizes the essential element - a fireplace. An electric version of it is allowed. Wood, stone combined with a metallic sheen of household appliances.
  5. The African-style kitchen is not necessarily replete with masks, figurines. The main thing is the palette of savannah and desert, natural materials, precious woods. The apron uses prints with giraffe spots, palm leaves, the dining room is decorated with wicker furniture, unusual pottery, coarse textiles. Decoration, paint finishes will remind you of a hot summer day, exotic.

In any kitchen, the main burden is not the style, but the color. Violation of color harmony deprives the interior of the meaning.


Color spectrum

One hostess is pleased with the abundance of flowers, brightness, the other wants peace of mind. The choice of style, the appropriate color scheme in the kitchen of a private house depends on preferences. A combination of two or three colors will be classic, so as not to go to extremes, they use no more than 5. A monotonous interior in which only one color is used will quickly get tired.

With the help of various colors, they not only achieve original visual effects, they influence the psychological state of guests and households. The kitchen premises of the country house are designed in three ways:

MonophonicWhen only one color is selected, but several shades of it are used.
ContrastingIf you try to create an elegant interior, which is applicable for the combined options with the dining room and living room.
MixedWhen as the main color goes clean, not its shade.

The kitchen, like any other room in the house, will require cold shades on the south side, warm ones - on the north side.

The color of the materials is complementary To play on contrasts, it is important to have a unifying element: a molding or ornament, decorated with a stone or a tree.

Kitchen arrangement depending on the shape of the room

In a private house, the kitchens are large or small, located in the basement or in the attic, which affects the design. The main task - to arrange kitchen furniture. The most advantageous location of the table top is along one of the walls. Integrity will create the effect of a single space.

At the cottage or in the house such a advantageous advantage as a panoramic window will allow to arrange a working area, mortise sink by the window. Especially nice if it goes into the garden or the flower garden. The opportunity to embody the original ideas of planning - a panoramic window in the whole wall.

Square kitchen

With this form of space, it is easiest to locate furniture and appliances. It is necessary to think a little, if the room is angular, with a set of doors, window openings. Then instead of traditional curtains hang shutters or Roman, roll options with attachment to the window frame.

If the area allows, together with the kitchen arrange a dining area. It is combined with a working surface or extended along one of the walls. The central island looks advantageous in a square kitchen, where furniture doors, a kitchen apron, and accessories are decorated with contrasting colors.


Narrow kitchen

The most inconvenient option, which will require the arrangement of furniture P- or L-shaped. This slightly corrects the shape of the room, will allow to find additional working space. In a very narrow room, the standard width of the lockers without any damage to the functionality is replaced with a smaller one, from 60 to 40 cm. Swing doors are replaced with sliding or retractable modules. By combining a worktop with a window sill, slightly widen the passage. Experiments with color are avoided; they stop on a one-two-color variant. Too much stretching the line of furniture is not worth it, hanging mezzanines are also undesirable.


Straight through the kitchen

Here it is desirable to limit the working area, using reception with identical facades. The work area is isolated, having a high rack along the aisle, a kitchen table, one of the sides of the headset. A walk-through kitchen will become more spacious if there is a lot of light from a variety of windows, the presence of a glass door, and artificial lighting in the corner area.

The passage is left free. Who moves across the room should not interfere with busy cooking.

Kitchen-living room

There is also a need for zoning, which will add order, comfort. For cooking, about a third of the room is separated. The bar counter, live plants, flowers, play with illuminated and shaded areas are used as a partition, while the style is left unified. The working area is distinguished by close or contrasting colors, spot lighting. The place where they receive guests is decorated with a chandelier.

Combining zones makes you think in advance about buying a good hood, otherwise kitchen odors will eventually soak upholstered furniture, textile elements.


Kitchen dining room

Here, as in the delimitation of kitchen areas from the living room, the visual method is used, making out the floors, walls, decor of the various functional areas in different ways. Use physical methods: architectural solutions, different ways of arranging furniture.

The area where there is a dining table, equip individual light sources. One of the walls, located near the table, is decorated with contrasting, bright wallpaper. The floor in the working area is laid with tiles, and the dining room with laminate, board, parquet, is covered with original carpet.

The areas intended for the living room, the dining room are partially isolated from the kitchen by installing sliding doors, panel curtains. The space of a country house allows the use of arches, columns, partitions with wide apertures in the interior.


Finishing materials

The decoration of the kitchen room of a country wooden house may be radically different from the city kitchen. The designer is allowed to apply a bold color scheme, a non-standard layout, to fill the room with a decor that is not applicable in a city apartment. The beauty of country life is emphasized:

  • Natural materials. Try not to use vinyl wallpaper, double-glazed windows, linoleum made of synthetic materials, plastic panels.
  • Wooden furniture. Suitable from plywood, veneer, wicker, forged fit.
  • Textile materials are natural, blending is possible.


In the house of timber, logs in the kitchen is appropriate wooden trim, it will highlight the interior. For this purpose, suitable MDF panels, lining. Slats are laid in various ways, left untreated, coated with varnish and paint.

Large kitchens, where they are not afraid to steal free centimeters, walls, and ceiling are sheathed with bars and boards. The block house will repeat the effect of the rustic log masonry, increase the thermal insulation. Exhaust pipes, other communications are conveniently hidden under the same clapboard or plasterboard. If the conceived interior allows, they are laid in an open way.

Ostrugannoy floor board, cork organic, parquet, laminate environmentally friendly, create a natural comfort. But for such a specific room as a kitchen, it is better to combine them with more resistant coatings.


Ceramic tile or decorative stone

Work apron, space around the heaters fragmentary lined with natural stone, its imitations. The unique interior is created with the help of mosaic, tiles with painting, Petrikov motifs.

Decorative stone on the walls, floor, in doorways will last a long time, because endures mechanical, aggressive chemical exposure, kitchen temperature fluctuations, humidity. The stone reliably fastens, has a different class, options of structure, colors. It will add antiquity and romance to the interior.

With the help of ceramics create a real comfort. In the interior in the style of Provence, in the design of a modern kitchen the tile with imitation of brickwork or various types of wood will fit perfectly.

The apron in the kitchen takes on the appearance of a real art object through the use of a photo tile on which any pictures are applied: drawings, photos. This is beautiful, practical, from the owners do not need special care concerns.

Under a different style of kitchen, tiles are selected from a variety of options that exist today: with geometric and floral patterns, mosaic, monocolor imitating textiles and metal, with hand-painted.


Organic, richly looks the kitchen of a private house, decorated with marble. It is ecologically safe, unlike granite, endowed with a variety of colors, patterns, structures. It is easy to care for him, he has antiseptic properties that matter for the kitchen.

Marble finish wall, countertop, floor. This will emphasize the taste and wealth of the owner. The stone is beneficial in that it is maintainable, after a while it is given an initial shine again. Countertops treated with a special composition.

Due to the excellent thermal conductivity, the use of marble on the floor will allow laying a "warm floor" under it. So that the kitchen is not slippery, the surface of the stone is polished, aged, another coarse treatment is used in the work. A wide palette of material allows you to purchase beige to brown, dark coffee shades. Additional impregnation is at the discretion of the owner of the building.



Dust, soot - the problem of the kitchen room. An economical way to decorate walls, ceiling, floor - painting. Wood is cleaned of resin residues, polished, treated from fungus, corrosion, and then varnished to preserve the natural color of the tree. The surfaces are painted with oil, acrylic paint in several layers. When choosing paint for the kitchen are important criteria:

  • water resistance;
  • the possibility of tinting;
  • ease of application.

A unique design is created using several colors. The main thing in a wooden house is not to miss the stage of processing the material with an antiseptic.



For the kitchen choose wallpaper that matches its microclimate. Paper will soon again have to re-glue, more practical vinyl with a smooth surface. With curtains and furniture upholstery combine wallpaper from textiles: flax, silk, wool. In different tones repaint non-woven wallpaper, which at any time allow you to update the interior. They are not glued directly onto the wooden floor, but onto pre-fixed sheets of plasterboard, which are plastered before.

The kitchen will get the right atmosphere thanks to the many shades, patterns. The country house will be decorated with plots of photos on the theme of nature. Cork wallpaper is well combined with other types of finishes. Long keeping a natural look, resist to kitchen evaporations.



When embodying the idea of ​​zoning the kitchen-living room, they resort not only to using various finishing materials, colors. For each functional area provide individual lighting. For example, the working area is equipped with spotlights, narrow spotlights. Over the dining table place a beautiful chandelier, hanging lamp on a long cord. A wall lamp is fixed to the wall near the sofa, a cozy floor lamp is placed nearby. Desirable lighting cabinets.

Arrangement of lamps, sockets, switches, plan in advance, set them away from water communications. In the dining area, warm light will contribute to the appetite, the working area is equipped with cooler shades of lamps. Save will help LED lamps, dimmers.


The size of a country house or cottage makes it possible to use multiple ways to decorate the house. The choice depends on the overall style.

In a wooden house between the kitchen and the dining room are appropriate fabric partitions, draping which will create comfort. Tulle or organza in one style, Japanese panels, floral curtains in the wings - in another.

In the Swedish house the furniture in the dining room is draped with wide covers to the floor. In the Russian house textiles on the windows and benches along the walls, the stove is reminiscent of folk handicrafts. In the Moroccan style without fabrics can not do. Rugs, pillows, wall panels are colorful, bright, in ornaments and tassels. Armchairs and sofas for the living room - in the folds of bedspreads.

Fatigue from the kitchen situation is eliminated by simply replacing the tablecloth with tacks.


Uniform rules in the design of the kitchen there. Each owner chooses the finish in accordance with his taste, financial capabilities. The kitchen of a country house has a great decoration potential. There is a lot of space, light, wood, from which it is necessary to make a start. Natural materials provide an infinite number of solutions, everything is even impossible to mention.

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