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The house is beautiful, clean, made fresh repair, has all the necessary appliances and furniture, but still something is missing. Coziness! So, it's time to get some design things for interior decoration, which are interesting to watch. They can be bought in the online store, kiosk, on the market, but it is easier to do every thing with your own hand - it is fashionable and not expensive. What and how to make for the creative design of your home, what materials, tools are better to use for this, about useful crafts in the text below.

Tree-pictures and not only

Herbal motifs have always been very popular - without them it is impossible to manage in eco-interior, some types of Oriental, Provence, vintage. Paintings on wooden surfaces are performed using:

  • acrylic or oil paints, brushes by drawing;
  • dye from a can through a stencil;
  • burning with a magnifying glass, a special apparatus;
  • tightening colored threads between nails hammered into a piece of wood;
  • gluing wooden twigs in the form of a tree on a plank surface, followed by applying paints and varnishes.

There is one more original way: transferring a photo to a wooden surface. How to do it: you need a picture printed on a laser printer, the smoothest possible plate, acrylic gel. Gel is applied to the wood, the photo is put a picture down, smooth. Wait until it dries enough, paper soaked with water, washed to the very picture. Next, the plane should be covered with varnish, glue for decoupage - the picture is ready.

Chamomiles on a blackboard are drawn with tassels of different thickness and in three colors - white, yellow, brown. Fluffy dandelions are depicted on the tree as a burning device using thick and thin tips. To make a picture of threads and nails, a necessary contour is drawn on the board or plywood, along which small carnations are hammered with a hammer, knitting or embroidery threads are being pulled between them. The base can be pre-stained in a contrasting color.


Design toys for the interior do it yourself

Homemade toys will be a wonderful gift for a child or a woman, decorating the interior of the bedroom. Textiles, leather, wood, etc. are used for their manufacture.

Difference of interior toys from ordinary ones:

  • they are made to decorate a room, not to play;
  • they are unique, copyrighted, unique;
  • emphasize the features of the interior style;
  • reflect the mood of the room and the author of the items.

On the Internet you can find a lot of photos and videos with instructions for making toys for the interior.

Interior dolls are:

  • hinged,
  • knitwear
  • realistic,
  • fantasy,
  • miniature,
  • from plastic,
  • in mixed technology.


You will need threads, a needle, fabric, fabric paints, large beads, a synthetic winterizer, doll clothes, shoes for work. Initially, the pattern is drawn on paper, after all the details are encircled on the fabric - the head and body are two pieces, arms and legs are four. All parts are stitched, turned out, packed with padding polyester, interconnected, ears and fingers are highlighted. Large beads will become the joints of the doll, and the face will be drawn with acrylic paints. Hair are bought special, doll or sewn thread, they can be put in a fancy hairstyle. Clothes and shoes are sewn on their own or worn purchased.

Some designers offer dolls made using wool felting technique. In the decorative "empty" doll from an old children's jumpsuit, you can fold the empty plastic bags.

But how to make a rag bird magpie with elements of decoupage and acrylic painting. What you need: cloth, colored napkins for decoupage, brush, buttons, glue, iron stand, needle and thread. To begin with, a pattern is drawn on the paper. Forty will consist of two identical parts - a paper pattern is encircled on a double-folded fabric. Then the details (body and wings) are stitched on a typewriter, turned out, and packed. Wings sewn or glued to the body. Next, the bird is primed with PVA glue, dried with a hairdryer, painted with acrylic or decorated with napkins. The eyes are made of beads or buttons, the stand is glued over with napkins.

Author: Nadezhda Necheukhina - Source: //

This toy can serve as a stand for jewelry - beads, bracelets, rings, and having a rigid frame, even for some gadgets.

Decorative pillows

Decorative pillows, pillows are sewn from variegated patches, and stuffing for them can be anything - sintepon, cotton wool, various soft rags. You can also personally crochet or knit a colored, plain-colored case on any existing pillow. Handmade embroidery - cross-stitch, satin stitch, appliqué is suitable for pads made of uniform fabric. The tapestry design also looks good. You can also simply wrap any pillow with a cloth, tying the ends of the fabric with a decorative knot.

Shaped pillows are: square, rectangular, round, rollers, in the form of various animals, hearts, cookies, bagels, etc. They will become soft accessories for the bedroom of a teenage girl. Decorative pillows-letters are often made for festive decoration of the premises - for the new year, wedding, birthday.


Pompon decor

You can make pom-poms:

  • bedside rugs;
  • decor curtains, lamps, frames;
  • decoration for flower pots, bottles, vases;
  • covers for stools, door handles;
  • flower "heads" on long legs-sprigs;
  • garlands for decorating ceilings, walls;
  • screens of stretched threads with pom-poms;
  • numbers, letters to decorate a festive ceremony;
  • decorative curtains.

To make a pom-pom, you will need threads and two cardboard bagels, which are tightly wrapped with thread. After the outer edge is cut between the "bagels", the middle is wrapped with a thread with a knot, and the rings are removed. Pompons are also made from colored paper.

The interior with pompons looks very "home".

Variations of shelves from scrap materials

Wonderful home-made shelves are made from scrap materials. Light composition of octagonal boxes of candies in the form of a honeycomb, suspended from unnecessary notebooks, will cost completely nothing. A bookcase in the shape of an arrow is made of pieces of a plumbing pipe with valves, a shelf for a bathroom is made of plastic trays. From the old door, nailed in a corner of the room diagonally, you get an excellent closet-rack, with shelves of plywood. Wide skis, wrapped with foil and mounted on the walls horizontally, also have the right to become shelves. Shelves of MDF residues and various metal parts will decorate the room in the style of a loft or industrial. A round shelf made of old sieve, pieces of plywood will complement the ethnic interior. Shelves of coarse planks, round, slanting saw cuts, coated with varnish, will become wall stands for flowers, and a large piece of thick bark or round timber - a suspended ceiling structure for the design of a cottage garden.


Stylish hardware decor

Various volume fantasy compositions, panels, interior toys and whole sculptures are made of nails, screws, bolts, nuts, gears by means of welding. From the remnants of a metal pipe, chains, the head of an iron horse is made, from a pair of nuts and large bent nails - a cat figure, from large self-tapping screws and metal pieces - a decorative forest in miniature. A dozen decorative nails, driven into the wall in a circle, hold a round mirror, a panel of gears perfectly adorns the interior of the steampunk style. Also welded metal bolts and nuts are decorated with water taps, pipes, radiators.


Ideas for organizing storage

Shelves made of cardboard boxes will be an excellent interior decoration in the style of art believe. Tights, socks, underwear conveniently stored twisted into rolls in boxes with cells. Decorations are put in cups or bowls, perfumes and jars of creams are placed on a cake stand, rag organizers for any small things are hung on the door. Wicker baskets are conveniently placed under the bed or on the closet, many bags will be placed on the crossbar in the closet with the help of wire hooks. Ties and belts are stored on a wall board with hooks, shoes - on hangers with clothespins, pencils - in glass jars, and in old cupcake forms - stationery trivia, small sewing accessories. Toys are stored in the grids under the ceiling or in the catwalks on the floor.

The decoration of the room should match its style.

Unusual rug from stones

For the hallway, the bathroom is useful original rug of flat or round pebbles, sea pebbles. With the help of a glue gun, multicolored stones are stuck onto a piece of carpet or linoleum. They are preferred in the same size, and for a “treatment” mat, pebbles of various sizes are selected. If there are pebbles of various colors, then lay out patterns, figures of animals, inscriptions, geometric figures from it. Under the force to make such a rug even for a child-student. Similar carpets can be made from wine corks, colored plastic beverage caps.

Lace Shades

Lace lampshades are made in various ways:

  • they cover the finished ceiling;
  • they stick on balloons, which are then removed;
  • tensioned on wire or forged frames;
  • lace ribbons glued to the plastic cover.

It is easy to make white laces with stains vintage by holding a little strong tea or an infusion of onion peel. Knitted and guipure patterns on the "Japanese" chandeliers, lanterns cast beautiful shadows on the walls and ceilings.


Kitchen organizer

Wall-mounted organizer for storing spoons, knives, forks can be made of various fabrics, thick cellophane. Hooks for towels are easy to make from old forks, clothespins nailed to the board. In the papermaking technique, shelves are made for spices, souvenirs in the kitchen, and the old dishes hangers are made of old clothes hangers. Banks with cereals are screwed into the lids, which are nailed to a wooden wall shelf, and plastic containers for bulk products are attached to the fridge by magnets on the side of the fridge, above the table top. Kitchen knives are attached to the magnetic board.


City plot on the wall of black cable

After repair, there are a few meters of black electrical cable? It can be used in decorating walls. If you draw on the wall a panorama of the city, and then nail or glue the cable along the contour, you will get an original decoration for the light color of the wall. On the wall at the same time have spotlights - windows of urban buildings. Such a composition is suitable for not boring office decoration.

A long cable may well be working - at one end there is a plug inserted into the socket, and at the other end there is a ceiling lamp, a sconce. Wires in this case are fixed with special brackets. From the black lace from the table lamp laid out curly frame for photos above the table. A car is depicted from a white cable on a wall in a contrasting color - then two or four light bulbs will be located at the end of the cable. If the lace is green, then on the background of the white wall they lay out the New Year landscape - a Christmas tree with colored lights at the ends of the branches. Also with the help of wires you can mask cool spy things.



Virtually any idea of ​​decorating your apartment can be implemented personally. For most simple solutions do not require any special knowledge, skills, tools. For the manufacture of more complex interior items in magazines and the Internet, there are many detailed master classes in various directions for any level of training. Homemade gizmos look stylish, elegant, fashionable, fun, cute.

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