Black and white kitchen design

Most homeowners are faced with the need for repairs, design updates. The reasons can be various: wear of finishing materials, change of a monotonous interior, improvement of conditions for living. In the process of decorating different rooms, special attention is paid to the combination of colors, especially in the kitchen room. Here you can use any shades that are unacceptable in the nursery, living room. For example, a black and white kitchen will look very interesting.

The combination of two opposite tones impersonal space, puts in the first place the texture and shape of the surrounding objects. Black and white background blurs the boundaries, allows you to visually enlarge the room. At the same time, the simplification of the picture favorably affects the person himself, makes it possible to relax, recuperate.


Use a contrasting color combination in the design of the room is very convenient. The correct combination of white and black color will allow you to transform the kitchen, emphasize any style, be it classic, retro, modern or minimalism. Arrangement of space can be done independently or use the services of designers. The main thing is to take into account the features of such an interior, which are as follows:

  • The room should not resemble a chessboard, any tone must prevail. Experts in the field of design recommend using the following proportions: 3: 1, 2: 1, 6: 3: 1. In the first two cases, the primary colors are applied in a particular ratio to each other. In the third variant, blotches of other shades are allowed, for example, saturated red, blue, and green. As such additions, there may be elements of furniture, upholstery of chairs, curtains, tablecloths, other items.
  • The use of two-color contrast characterizes the homeowner, demonstrates his punctuality, rational thinking, attitude to excessive luxury, romantic nature.
  • Patterns and ornaments will look harmoniously only on a monochrome surface of facing materials or installed elements.
  • Furniture and wall decoration should be contrasted. A dark wooden table, stove, refrigerator look better on a light background and vice versa.

When black and white design should take into account the fact that the dark shade visually reduces the space, light - increases. Accordingly, the predominance of one or another background depends on the area of ​​the kitchen room.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many owners of apartments, private houses opt for monochrome colors. This is due to various factors, from the personal positive perception of such a background, to the very qualities of these neutral colors, which are easily combined with other shades. If the interior is tired, it can easily be diluted with various items, furniture, textiles of a different color. In addition, this design has several significant advantages:

  • In the interior, the coloring looks great on any finishing material, whether it be wood, tile, plastic or wallpaper.
  • Playing with shades allows zoning of space.
  • This combination allows you to adjust the shape of the room, disguise some of its defects. Using one or another color you can visually change the look of the room, make it wider or narrower, higher or lower.
  • This range will highlight the chic, elegant look of the kitchen.

Of course, although this is a universal coloring, it is not without some drawbacks:

  • On the surface of objects you can see various contaminants (spots, dust, soot, grease), so the frequency of cleaning will increase.
  • An overabundance of black can lead to a deterioration of mood, cause depression.
  • This design is combined only with expensive furniture and finishing materials.
  • The perception of the interior is largely dependent on the light, which requires a detailed planning and appropriate placement of electrical points, lighting elements.

Psychology and perception of black and white colors

The choice of color indicates the preferences of man, his inner state, the perception of reality. Different shades cause certain emotions and sensations. Only taking into account these circumstances it is possible to correctly draft the project, to distribute the tones accordingly. The slightest inaccuracy can negate all the work, and the kitchen room will be annoying, cause a feeling of fatigue, anxiety, danger, worsen mood.

Black tint is often associated with grief and sadness. However, it is also the embodiment of strength, confidence, luxury, wealth, mystery, tranquility. Using it as the main background allows you to give expressiveness to white objects, as well as elements of other colors. Suitable for serious personalities, confident. However, one should not forget that it visually reduces the space, therefore, it is recommended to use it as a main background only in large premises.

White color is compared with purity, faith, inspiration, freedom. He is a symbol of goodness, honesty, excellence, honor. Combined with many colors, gives the room an airy, spacious, elegant look. Allows you to visually expand the space. With the right combination with black, speaking dominant, it will have a positive effect on households, improve mood, testify to the impeccable taste of the owners of the house.

Color proportion distribution

Creating a black and white interior design will require design skills or a good artistic understanding. Approach to the choice of the dominant background should be given the following points:

  • the size of the room;
  • the presence of natural light penetrating through the window;
  • the location and number of artificial lighting devices;
  • psychological perception, embedded in the mind;
  • wishes of all households, for example, if dark tones are suitable for secluded living, in a large family often bright, cheerful colors prevail.

When combining two contrasting colors, you can use different proportions. It will look good white background, amounting to 90%, interspersed with 10% black. In lighted rooms, 70% of the living space can be distinguished by a cold shade, diluting it with 30% warm. The universal formula of 60:30:10 allows you to give the room a complete harmonious look. Here, 10% of the total area is allocated for the accent addition. To add it you can use vases, lamps, teapots, and other items.

Stylistic directions for black and white kitchen

The color combination will be an excellent design of both classic and modern interior, will allow you to uniquely organize the space. Consider a few popular styles, their characteristics:

  • Classical. The room is decorated elegantly and elegantly. Do not use complex forms. Furniture choose a comfortable and practical, devoid of excessive pretentiousness. In the decoration using natural materials. Along with the pastel, two-tone range is also great. When choosing black as the main background in a small room, it is recommended that one of the surfaces be made exclusively white, for example, the floor or ceiling. A great complement will be chandeliers, vases, decorated with gold.

  • High tech. It is characterized by ergonomic, simple forms. Glossy objects look good, for example, a patterned light apron and a dark cooking surface. Even small details play an important role: a chandelier, a chrome handle on furniture, LED lighting, and other decorative elements.
  • Modern Differs in comfort, simplicity, smooth texture of objects. It looks good light design with a slight addition of dark colors in the form of countertops, ovens, refrigerators, or completely black kitchen furniture, other items against the white walls.
  • Loft. An ideal option for a studio apartment, a kitchen combined with a living room divided by a bar counter, as well as small rooms. Finishing can be supplemented with steel, glass surfaces. The walls can be revetted with white brick imitation tiles, blinds should be installed on the windows. In the spacious rooms it is good to perform the separation of colors, make the bottom dark, and the top light and vice versa.
  • Scandinavian. The absolute predominance of white color, which can be diluted with an accent black wall, or by installing a dark granite worktop. The cold tint here is used exclusively as a supplement, emphasizing the snow-white design.

The choice of materials for finishing

When planning the interior of a black and white kitchen, it is necessary to pay attention to the materials used for flooring, wall and ceiling decoration. They are obliged to correspond to the basic coloring, to give to a room an original, not boring look. Cladding should not contradict the chosen style, installed furniture, be practical, meet the requirements of the kitchen room. Let us dwell in more detail on each surface.


The choice of flooring for the kitchen is limited by its functional features, and the room, decorated in black and white, requires a separate approach to the materials. Among the most popular are:

  • Ceramic tile. It can be laid in one color, staggered, to make a decorative pattern. Also, it would be nice to look like an imitation of a natural stone, for example, a skarn, a cornea - a dark color, quartzite, a marble - light.
  • Bulk polymer floor. One of the best coatings, characterized by a long service life. Monochrome design, with abstract patterns perfectly highlight the chosen direction.
  • Laminate. Externally, it can imitate wood or stone texture. It should use only the highest quality material, then it will last a long time, will become an integral part of the design.



It is better to use a light shade for wall decoration, such a background will accentuate the type of furniture being installed, electrical appliances and other interior items. Different materials can be used as a lining:

  • Decorative plaster. Make it in the same tone. To add shine and contrast to the composition add fillers and special additives.
  • Tile. Classical raw materials, which include tile, porcelain.
  • Painting. Apply waterproof paint options.
  • Wallpaper. Must be different strength, moisture resistance, as well as match the color scheme.


It is not advisable to decorate the ceiling in black, especially in rooms where its height is less than 3 m, but as an accent surface such color can give the kitchen a non-trivial look. The coating uses the following raw materials:

  • Coloring. Such a finish looks like a whitewash, but it is more practical, durable.
  • Drywall With it, perform multi-level design, which allows you to effectively combine different shades.
  • Plaster. From the material creates a textured surface, which is very good with a monochrome combination of colors.
  • Stretch ceiling. In small rooms it is better to give preference to matte or satin options, gloss - visually reduce the space.
  • Wallpaper. Along with painting, are a budget option, besides they can be combined with the same design of the walls.


The choice of material facing the vertical surface from the table top to the wall cabinets must be taken very responsibly. The apron is most susceptible to pollution, is constantly in sight, should be immune to moisture, have an attractive appearance. The main raw material can be used:

  • Ceramic tiles. Standard, traditional product with a long service life. It may have a glossy or matte, smooth or textured finish.
  • Mosaic. There are glass, smalt, ceramic, porcelain stoneware models. With it, you can create interesting patterns.
  • Mirror glass. The coating is easy to clean, resistant to mechanical damage, withstands open fire, neutral to moisture. It gives the interior a luxurious look.
  • Stainless steel. Requires constant care. It is characterized by durability, moisture resistance.

Color options for the headset and dining room furniture

Having made a firm decision to make a monochrome kitchen design, it is necessary to figure out what will be white and what is black. What should be the color of the headset, the colors of the finishing material, other decorative elements. There are several ways to perform the desired combination:

  1. White top and black bottom. A good solution for any kitchen area. This method allows you to make a clear distinction of space. Large household appliances merges with drawers, bedside tables, becomes more mundane, while the upper part looks airy.
  2. Black top and white bottom. Dark hanging cabinets, tabletop, ceiling, look good in combination with a white refrigerator, upholstered chairs, cabinets. This design is suitable for larger rooms with high ceilings. The flooring is recommended to be done in bright colors, but not white, so that the space has a more expressive appearance, does not merge into a single spot.
  3. White kitchen and black countertop. The best option for small rooms in the Scandinavian style. The black color of the work surface with a glossy finish will only emphasize a light, warm appearance.
  4. White kitchen and black apron. Along with the table top has a spectacular view. It highlights the severity of the finish, is a good backdrop for furniture located above and below this area.
  5. White kitchen and black table. A separate element of kitchen furniture will be well combined among the light color. Can act as an accent, support other elements. A great option for interior design in the style of Provence or a classic.
  6. Black and white floor. As a floor covering, you can use square or rectangular tiles, laying it in a checkerboard pattern, and diagonal placement will visually increase the space.

Materials for the manufacture of kitchens

Manufacturers offer a wide range of kitchens that differ in their performance characteristics. The quality of a particular product will depend entirely on its price. For the manufacture of facades and cabinets cabinets, bedside tables are used:

  1. DSP. The most common material for creating low cost products. It has a loose structure.
  2. MDF. Characterized by durability, water resistance, environmental safety.
  3. Solid wood. The most expensive raw material. Natural wood will become indispensable when you make a classic interior with its expensive decoration.

To the facade had a finished look, the surface of the base is covered with different materials:

  • enamel;
  • veneer;
  • PVC film, and also from melamine;
  • acrylic plastic.

In the production of countertops can be used the same raw materials as in the manufacture of facades, as well as tempered glass, metal, stone, natural and artificial origin.

What plan to choose

Kitchen planning is a very important stage in its arrangement. Much depends on the correct location of furniture, appliances, and sockets. For example, these actions will allow to place all the necessary tools in a small room, and in large rooms they will be allowed to move around comfortably.

The first thing to consider is the rule of the working triangle. The storage area, washing, cooking - the main objects from which you want to make a start when planning. According to the approved standards, the distance between the central components should be within 1.2 m - 2.7 m. But everyone has the right to choose a convenient distance for himself. In total, there are 6 basic placements of objects: single-row, double-row, angular, U-shaped, island, peninsular.

Selection and installation of embedded technology

When choosing embedded technology, you should consider the need to smooth the contrast between opposite colors. This will achieve harmony in the design of space. Embedded household appliances with a black color, in combination with a dark tabletop made of natural or artificial stone, standing out against a white background, emphasize such styles as loft, minimalism, Scandinavian.

When making the bottom of the room in bright colors, the technique should have the same shade. Black color will look good in conjunction with a chess floor, or with black bottom. It is desirable to combine the tonality of technology with the furniture in which it will be built.

The third color: how to choose and whether to add

Two monochromatic colors are universal and self-sufficient, but over time such colors can get annoying. In this case, the background is diluted with a third shade, which will revive the composition. But do not overdo it with a color partner, its share should not exceed 10% of the total area of ​​the room. The main colors that are best combined with black and white kitchen include:

  • Red. Bright background will bring freshness to the space. Chandeliers, curtains, chairs, kitchen appliances, will give the interior dynamism. You can use any shade, and thanks to the powerful energy it attracts attention.
  • Gray.Allows you to reduce contrast, add room restraint, conciseness.
  • Green. Able to improve mood, thanks to its relaxing properties. It also improves appetite.
  • Yellow. Stimulates activity, positive mood, creates a feeling of warmth.
  • Violet. Helps balance strict forms. Excessive addition can have a depressive effect on a person.

Features in lighting

In this design, as in no other, lighting plays an important role. This is due to the properties of black, which not only visually reduces the space, but also can have a negative impact on the psyche. The room should not be dark, it must be well lit artificially and naturally. When planning a black and white design, consider the following points:

  • If the interior is used a lot of dark colors, should be provided along with the main chandelier, additional ceiling lamps.
  • It is necessary to choose furniture, household appliances, finishing with a glossy surface that will serve as a reflector of light.
  • Provision should be made for additional luminaires installed under wall cabinets.
  • The best option would be to use multi-level lighting installed around the perimeter of the room, not only on the ceiling, but also on the walls, as well as the use of floor lamps.
  • Additionally, you can use a decorative ceiling lights, install LED strip under the standing objects.

Textiles and decoration

Curtains, tablecloth, towels, other elements of textiles should fit into the general background of the room, not contradict it. Calm monochromatic tones are most often chosen. Light white curtains in combination with black curtains look good. The main thing when choosing, do not overdo it with tone.

Textiles should be selected on the basis of a general style. But its colors do not have to be in unison with the main background. It may have a color of additional related colors, to emphasize a certain direction.

For a small room with insufficient lighting it will be inappropriate to use black curtains. In combination with dark furniture can be hung exclusively white curtains. In a room with high ceilings, short curtains of various fabrics harmoniously look.


Creating a black and white interior in the kitchen is not so easy. Colors should be balanced, also should take into account the style direction when choosing furniture, decoration design. It is necessary to separately consider issues related to lighting, zoning, textiles, decorative elements. Therefore, it will be very difficult to carry out all the calculations yourself; design skills will be required.

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