Drywall Arches: Photo, Views, Forms, Finishing Options, Interior Arch Design

The arches of plasterboard, not only always look very stylish and original, but also allow you to visually expand the space and raise the ceiling. Due to the good plasticity of this material, it turns out to create with ease a unique design that will advantageously complement any interior.

Types of arches

Varieties of arched structures.

Interior (in the doorway)

They may differ in the most varied forms that clearly mark the doorway. The original architectural apertures at the door will not only decorate the room, but also become its functional element.

The photo shows an interroom arch of plasterboard in the interior of the corridor.

On the wall

These wall structures with an infinite number of configurations are very often used in the design of premises. They radically change the layout of the space and give it a very beautiful and original look.

On the window

It is a real interior twist, which can become an ornament for both modern and more conservative design. Arched window openings undoubtedly attract attention to themselves and add a certain charm, solemnity and mystery to the decor.

The photo shows a window decorated with a drywall arch in the interior of a small hall.

Forms plasterboard arches

Due to the huge variety of geometric shapes and flexibility of drywall, it turns out to find the perfect solution for any interior.


The most simple and widespread design. The square straight arch can have a usual and laconic view without unnecessary additions or be decorated with various shelves, niches, lights, built-in lights, curtains, mobile partitions or screens.


Such semi-circular or horseshoe-shaped openings in the form of an arc represent a fairly common and often used interior element. A round model is considered to be a classic and is otherwise called the Roman.


They have a geometrically clear radius and are best suited for the design of large rooms with high ceilings. Semi-marks can have a monochromatic color scheme or be decorated with stylized colonnades, stucco and other decorations.

In the photo there is a living room and a Thai one-sided arch made of plasterboard, lined with a decorative stone.


Differs non-standard performance, which is quite difficult to beat in the interior. However, such pointedly broken lines can sometimes become a real designer find.


Fantasy curvilinear shapes become the brightest and most noticeable accent of the whole room. The figured arch perfectly decorates the doorways or is used as a frame for the recess located in the wall.


Such a dominant element, as an arched design obliquely, forms around itself a single and integral interior composition.

Eastern / Muslim

The eastern arch can have the shape of a pointed dome, be supplemented with jagged and wavy reliefs or decorated with intricate miniature rich patterned ornaments.

In the photo there is a bedroom with a doorway and a wall decorated with oriental drywall arches.

Examples in the interior of rooms

Photo decorating examples for different rooms.

Hall or lounge

The arched models of drywall fit perfectly into the overall design of the hall and give the doorway a truly attractive look. In the living room quite often used rectangular, elliptical, oval or trapezoidal designs.

Kitchen and dining room

In the design of the kitchen, classical arches of a neat and symmetrical shape or models made of plasterboard, which are sometimes decorated with stucco decoration, wood or glass inserts, will be especially appropriate. For a small kitchen space suitable trapezoidal arched models.

Corridor and hallway

The design of the hallway should be done very competently, in order to favorably emphasize all the beauty of this space. For a small corridor, rectangular apertures of drywall are most often chosen, and for a larger one, an arch in the form of a wide ellipse or trapezium.


The arched design, located on the wall above the bed, can be supplemented with artificial lighting, bookshelves or bedside niches for all kinds of decor. The shape of the opening, in general, corresponding to the uniform style of the bedroom, allows you to create a balanced and very cozy design.


If you combine a balcony with indoor space, the drywall arch will be an excellent design solution, greatly harmonizing the overall situation.

The photo is a U-shaped white arch of plasterboard, located between the balcony and the living room.


Arched products made of gypsum with a memorable, fabulous and slightly mysterious design, will create in the nursery a bright and truly unique interior, in which you want to endlessly return.

Options for finishing the arches in the apartment

The appearance of the arched passage can be significantly transformed with the help of various finishes:

  • Wallpaper. Budget option design, which in spite of this always looks very advantageous.
  • Painting. Thanks to painting, it turns out to create various effects, for example, using a water-based paint, you can achieve a matte surface, and by glossy alkyd enamel coating.
  • Decorative stone / brick. These finishing materials, regardless of whether they are natural or artificial, perfectly frame the passage and give it completeness and luxury.
  • Tree. Due to the unique wood design, any even the simplest interior space acquires an elite look.
  • Decorative plaster. It allows you to give the arch structure a different textural surface, thereby setting the situation a certain mood and character.
  • Bung. Environmentally friendly, natural and pleasant to the touch finish, gives the vaulted passage a peculiar sound.

In the photo the kitchen-living room with a decorative arch of plasterboard, decorated with wallpaper with a pattern.

At the expense of decorating with various finishing materials or with the help of their combination, which has certain advantages, it turns out to give the arch a very effective appearance.

Design ideas arches of GCR

Original design solutions.


The built-in lighting is a very interesting interior element. For example, with the help of spotlights, which are included separately from the general room lighting, you can not only decorate the arch, but also create a very pleasant atmosphere in the evening.

In the photo there is an arch made of gypsum, decorated with spotlights in the hallway.

Narrow arches

These narrow models due to their elongated appearance will be an excellent solution for rooms in which you need to visually raise the ceiling.

In the photo, the interior of the bedroom and a narrow arch of plasterboard with a frame of white.

With shelves

The various side shelves and openings with windows of the most varied form, complemented by a point illumination, have a holistic appearance and give the vaulted construction of unusualness and originality.


This corner arch is the easiest and most creative way, giving the atmosphere of creativity, a certain mood and at the same time a special aristocratic attraction.

Unusual arches

Unusual configurations are particularly successful in the design of rooms. Due to the plasticity of the plasterboard, it turns out to achieve the most original and unique forms, for example, it can be double, triple, curved aisles, or even models made with a diamond.

In the photo lancet arches in the interior.


A good large arch, characterized by overall size and allows you to bring into the space of additional space and freedom.

In the photo is a large arch made of plasterboard in the interior of a spacious bedroom.

With a bar counter

It is a very popular design solution for zoning any dwelling or studio apartment. A wide asymmetric or symmetrical arch with a bar, will make the interior more prestigious and interesting.

On the photo is a kitchen-dining room and an arch made of plasterboard, complemented by a bar counter.


Bring in the atmosphere of additional elegance and luxury. The carved openwork arch will undoubtedly become the most significant decor of the whole space.

With niches

Thanks to such a simple and yet elegant addition, like a recess, it turns out to turn the arch into a real favorite. In deep niches, you can conveniently place expensive, valuable or just beautiful objects, such as vases, figurines or various souvenirs.

With edging

Such a passage looks more complete and thorough. Edging contributes to the improvement of the visual perception of the arched model, making it look especially attractive.

With columns and semi-columns

The vaulted opening, supplemented by columns or half-columns, creates in space a creative and lively atmosphere, depriving the setting of uniformity. Such a design would be particularly appropriate in larger rooms.

Examples of drywall constructions in various styles

Decor options in different styles:

  • Classical. For classics, refined and elegant forms are preferred. For example, a perfect solution would be a Roman semicircular structure or a vaulted opening decorated with three-dimensional stucco elements or columns, giving the design even more solemnity and expressiveness.
  • Modern. The laconic arch with thoughtful design, in the form of solid bright or neutral surfaces, will harmoniously fit into the modern style.
  • Provence. French Provence is to finish the openings with wooden edging, decorate with carvings or natural masonry, which will look particularly convincing.
  • Loft. Arched passages, decorated with natural or artificial stone, brick, tiled masonry, or openings with a slightly sloppy and rough finish, will allow you to delve further into the urban style.
  • High tech. This style is characterized by the use of smooth, clear lines and discreet design. Unusual and irregular arch, painted in tone with the overall design, as well as possible fit into the high-tech.

The photo shows a square arch of plasterboard with wooden trim in the interior of the kitchen-dining room in the style of Provence.

Due to the beautiful vaulted passages and additional attributes of decoration, it turns out even more to support a certain stylistic mood.

On the photo is a bedroom in a classic style and an arch of plasterboard, located near the window.

Photo Gallery

The drywall arches can differ in the most unusual form and design, with the help of which it turns out to complement the style of any room. These openings are considered to be truly unique and become the highlight of the entire interior space.

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