Curtains in country style: the choice of models, fabrics, design, 66 photos

Country style curtains are a popular window design. This implies a rustic interior room in which the focus is on the decor of the fabric. In the rural house, in addition to colored tablecloths, bright colors and embroidered pillows, an important role is given to curtains.

In modern country music, a detailed repetition of rustic style is not required, it is enough to preserve natural closeness, a feeling of lightness and simplicity, to pay special attention to textile accessories.

The photo shows country-style curtains, giving the bathroom a special comfort and warmth.

Country curtains are perfect for registration problem or a private house. In the apartment most often curtains are used in the kitchen or in the dining room. The pattern on the curtains coincides with the pattern on the tablecloths, covers on the stools and the napkins. Eaves use metal or wooden.

What model of curtains to choose?

Kinds of country-style curtains are characterized by simplicity, in which there is no place for luxury and pomp.

  • Roman. Beautiful for the design of windows and easy to use, represent a canvas that when going up is going to fold, which allows you to adjust the illumination of the apartment. Give the interior a cosiness and elegance.

  • Roll. Take up little space. Original, practical, easy to manufacture. The front and back side can be sewn from different fabrics, so they will look more interesting, the main thing is to choose the right color combination with other parts of the interior.

  • With lambrequin. It is a decoration in the form of a frill, covers the eaves and the upper part of the window. It can be used as a separate curtain. For country style use lush pelmet of lace tulle or transparent fabric. It gives the window attractiveness and rustic chic.

  • With grabs. Simple and easy, the hooks can be sewn by yourself, decorated with embroidery, cords. Country-style curtains tied in different directions have their own charm and emphasize the rustic style.

  • Curtains cafe. This type of curtain closes the floor window. Most often combined with lambrequin, can be from one or two parts. Mounted on a special eaves on the window sash. Convenient and easy to use.

  • With a frill. The smaller the room, the smaller the frills. Organically look in combination with rude, aged furniture. It is advisable to choose a plain fabric. Country style create a romantic mood.

Fabrics for curtains

In the manufacture of curtains, to give a rustic color, preference is given to natural materials:

  • Cotton. Curtains are highly durable and wear resistant. Well combined with other materials. The sun's rays and humidity are not terrible for this canvas. Disadvantages - may eventually turn yellow, shrink, easily crumple.

In the photo curtains of cotton, give a feeling of lightness and airiness.

  • Linen. One of the most suitable materials for curtains in country style. Ecologically impeccable textiles, does not cause allergies. It has a good level of strength, little susceptibility to contamination. Textured and plastic sheet with glitter, easily gives any shape. Practically does not sit down after washing.

  • Organza. One of the most popular fabrics for sewing curtains. Lightweight and transparent fabric, divided into shiny and matte.

  • Curtain fabrics (jacquard, satin, silk, velvet, blackout, matting). Well suited to country style, is popular among hostesses. Dense and durable materials, provides excellent insulation, protects the winter from the cold, in the summer from the sun.

Choice of design

Country-style curtains are typical of rural colors: green leaves, blue cornflowers, brown twigs, yellow and orange colors. In combination with white "natural" tones refresh the atmosphere, give lightness and airiness.

Often in the style of country use fabric in a cage of different colors and sizes, from small to large.

In the photo the curtains are in a cage, such curtains will easily give the interior individuality.

Simple patterns are suitable for curtains: polka dots, stripes and small flowers.

Rural motifs - sunflowers, berries, apples, floral ornaments, chickens and other animals will be appropriate.

Popular colors for country curtains: gray, white, beige. If you decorate a window, you can add ruffles, ruffles, and pickups of bright colors or faded paint to a monochromatic color. Bright red, green, blue, orange can be used as a pattern.

When choosing a canvas, you need to focus on the material that is already available in the kitchen (tablecloth, capes on chairs, towels), as well as wallpaper and furniture.

Depending on the sides of the world, the south side is decorated with curtains of cold tones, and the north side is suitable for warm shades.

Curtains in the interior of the cottage or country house

Cottage - a place to relax and receive guests. Rural life is leisurely, filled with colors of nature, wild flowers, fresh vegetables and berries. It is in such an atmosphere that the use of country-style curtains is appropriate.

In the photo white curtains with grabs, a great option for a country house.

In the country house place the curtains, which protect from sunlight, help to visually enlarge the window and give comfort. The colors should suit the rustic style, the fabric can be any.

Cotton and linen cloth in the country house will be a practical and functional solution, well breathable, which allows you to fill the space with freshness and ease. To visually enlarge the room should hang curtains of light colors.

Browse by room

Rooms, the interior of which is made in the style of country, emphasize the rustic color, indicate an inextricable link with folk traditions, have a refined taste.

  • Living room. Natural fabric, neutral pastel tones with a floral or floral ornament, with lambrequins or ruffles, is used. Window, properly decorated curtains in country style is an important element of the interior. You can hang curtains in a cage or strip. The living room is characterized by simplicity and romance, there are no luxury items.

  • Kitchen. In the interior it is necessary to properly combine the material from which country-style curtains are sewn, napkins, pillows, chair covers. Suitable for short curtains, comfortable and practical, allow you to use the kitchen window sill as an extra shelf. Long curtains, decorated with bright pickups, decorate rural cuisine. Transparent tulle lambrequin will visually widen the window and add lightness.

  • Bedroom. For curtains choose flax, cotton, chintz. Complicated shapes should be abandoned in favor of models on the drawstring, strings or loops, of light and airy material. Edges can be added with ruffles or ruffles. Curtains collected by grabs will give a room coziness and set it to rest. Decorative pillows and bedspread, made from the same textiles as the curtains will create a harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom. Wooden eaves are used.

  • Children's Country - a versatile option when you make a room for a boy and girl of any age. Preference is given to natural and pastel tones. Dark colors are not recommended. Curtains in country style should be natural, simple cut, with lace and ruffles. Material - in the cell, flower, peas, and with other rural patterns.

In the photo, country-style curtains give the room coziness and easily set up to rest.

Curtain length selection

The length of country-style curtains depends on the room in which they will be.

  • For the bedroom and living room choose curtains to the floor. Curtains are sewn from white material with floral bouquets, edges can be decorated with ruffles.
  • In the kitchen, both short and long curtains, sewn from transparent fabric, which can be complemented with bright-colored hooks, are used to impart a rustic style.

Curtains country style do it yourself

Curtains made with their own hands look original, give originality to the interior and make the house cozy. It all depends on your personal wishes. The simplest pattern is a rectangle. The length and width of the fabric is calculated as follows:

  • Length. Measure the distance from the eaves to the window sill and add 5 cm for the lower stock and 3 cm for the top one.
  • Width. The length of the cornice is multiplied by 1.5 or 2 and is added 4 cm. For the side seams.
Photo instructions for making curtains yourself

Video instructions for making curtains

Curtains in country style emphasize the interior of the room in a rustic spirit, give a homely atmosphere, fill the space with comfort and family warmth. Allow you to retire with nature, forget about the bustle of the city.

Photo gallery

The photos below show examples of using various country style curtains.

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