Small modern house with a flat roof from ch + qs arquitectos

A modern house with a flat roof is organically dissolved in the surrounding fields near a small Spanish town. The architects didn’t want to disturb the natural landscape in any way so as not to spoil the picturesque landscape, and this house perfectly matches their designs.

The simple form - parallelepiped, huge windows-walls that make the house almost transparent, terraces on both sides for unity with nature - all this makes a small building at the same time convenient for living and not destroying the harmony of the perception of the area.

In Spain, a lot of sunny days, and transparent walls allow you to fully enjoy it. The basement of the house is neatly inscribed in the relief of the area, the facade is made of a wide plank, which is processed with the help of stain. The flat roof does not attract attention, the house could not have been noticed at all if it were not for the door and the chimney - they are painted yellow in the color of wildflowers and lichens.

The interior of a modern house with a flat roof combines the features of two styles: minimalism and eco-design. Inside everything is sheathed with wood, not only the walls and floor, but also the ceiling. Natural wood gives extraordinary warmth and comfort to each room, softening the cold shine of glass surfaces. The décor elements are practically absent, but there is no need for them - nature itself acts as an interior artist, peering into the house through glass windows-walls.

The area of ​​the house is only 60 square meters. m. In the center of the layout - a kitchen-living room, a place where the whole family gathers. On both sides of it - the bedroom, and in the basement - a zone for guests, for them is also provided for a bathroom.

A modern house with a flat roof is very harmonious: magnificent panoramic views, becoming a part of the interior, made it possible to abandon bright textiles, art posters or other decorative accessories that usually delight the owners eye. Instead, you can admire the endless expanses that constantly change their appearance, following the change of seasons.

Storage systems are built so as not to catch the eye. The furniture is upholstered in soothing natural colors. The main lighting is also natural - daylight penetrates unhindered through huge panoramic windows.

In the evenings, lamps of simple forms, fitted with frosted glass shades, do quite well with the lighting function. Their gentle light is reminiscent of the moon, and does not interfere with admiring the starry sky.

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