The interior of the apartment is 100 sq. M. m. in the center of Moscow

The interior of the apartment reflected the history of the house in which it is located. Designers used the surrounding atmosphere of the historical atmosphere, and as a result they got a stylish, modern, but at the same time soaked interior of Moscow history.


The total area of ​​the apartment is about 100 sq. M. it seems large enough, but the hostess’s bedroom with a dressing room, her son’s bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room for watching TV and receiving friends, as well as a small living room for the hostess herself - she does yoga and needs space should fit in where no one would interfere with these activities. Another passion of hers - drawing - also requires privacy.

The angular location of the apartment has a significant plus - a large number of windows, so the room turned out bright. However, the bathroom and all communications are located in the center of the apartment and are fenced with supporting structures, which has narrowed the possibilities for redevelopment - it has affected only some walls. Such a solution had its plus: the stucco decoration elements and ceiling sockets were preserved.

As a result, the hostess and her son received an isolated room, a large kitchen-dining room was formed, combined with a common living room, as well as a living room intended for personal relaxation. Neutral tones, accented with colored decorative elements, are chosen as the main ones for the interior. To preserve the spirit of the story, the interior doors were not replaced - they were given for restoration, and then painted with white paint. The floors were laid in Coswick oak in a natural, warm tone. Figure calculations traditional - French "herringbone."

Entrance hall

High ceilings - one of the undoubted advantages of the apartment. In the entrance area, they are underlined by the closet in the entire height of the room. The color of the cabinet repeats the color of the console with a mirror facing the other - it is an old item purchased by the hostess specifically for this apartment.

The classic-shaped chandelier of the Odeon Clear Glass Fringe Chandelier with the brilliance of crystal pendants gives the room pomp. The pouf of Missoni home with a pattern of black and white zigzags adds brightness, and the rug of a kilim from Dovlet house adds comfort and homely warmth.

Kitchen-living room

Having united in the interior of the apartment 100 sq. M. m. three small rooms in one, the designers got an interesting space of the kitchen - dining room - living room. There are three windows in the room, enough light and space. The stylistic solution is close to eclecticism, the authors of the project used color and textured contrasts to achieve the expressiveness of the interior.

The kitchen is made in the style of minimalism, has a white color and is made to order. The apron near the working area is marble, light gray (bianco carrara). The kitchen is made “in line” - along the wall there is a sink, built-in dishwasher and a cooktop. A niche was built on another wall - a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave oven and several drawers for storing kitchen utensils were placed in four columns.

The dining area is underlined by the hanging group. Two of them - Secto design Octo - are strict and concise, in contrasting colors. The rigidity of their geometry is softened by the fragility of the Eichholtz Chandelier lamp. The classic table in the shape of an oval of dark wood echoes in color with the upper tier of kitchen furniture. Dining group is complemented by modern plastic chairs from Kartell Victoria Ghost and Eames - three white, one bright red and one transparent.

The main item in the living room - a large sofa in a pleasant gray tone. Near it of the original form are the design tables of the ClassiCon Bell, performing not only a utilitarian function, but also serving as a real interior decoration. Before the sofa on the floor laid carpet kilim, also from the collection of Dovlet House. Woven from natural wool, it gives the room comfort and warmth.

The television area is very simple, it is adjacent to the wall, lined with the same marble as the apron in the working area of ​​the kitchen - this visually unites the parts of the room into one whole. Above the TV panel will be placed shelves, fixed on the ceiling - they are performed according to the sketches of designers.

Private lounge

When planning an apartment interior of 100 square meters. Designers have allocated a special room for the hostess to relax - a private living room located in front of her bedroom. Her mistress’s hobby is drawing and yoga, she also likes to read books. In the living room placed a rack - you can store books on it. There is a place for the easel, and for a small desktop, while in the center of the room there is enough free space for yoga.

The bookcase to the ceiling is made of plasterboard and painted in a dark gray-blue color, the same color of the door leading to the bathroom, and the walls in it, as well as the wall of the dressing room adjacent to the master bedroom.

On one of the walls they made a fake, the large candles placed in it enliven the living room with warm fire. The “fireplace” of the fireplace is lined with black and white Spanish tiles Busnelli, above the fireplace is an antique mirror in a gilded frame decorated with carvings.

The wooden desk is stylized antique and custom-made, next to it is a transparent plastic chair, an almost imperceptible and not cluttering space.


Warm creamy beige - the main color of the bedroom hostess. The classic headboard of the bed has carriage upholstery; it, like the bed itself, was made to order in the Elkhanes furniture workshop. Deliberately coarse bedside tables made of natural oak wood are decorated with Kartell Bourgie lamps of elegant shape in two colors - silver and gold.

General lighting provide two original suspension Caos Arturo Alvarez. One of the bedroom walls is dark blue, it has a door to the dressing room - a mirror one with a geometric pattern. The door, like many other interior details, was made to order for this project.

Son's room

The bedroom for a young man is discreet and strict. The gray paint on the walls of Little greene Urbane Gray is in harmony with the beige upholstery of the bed. Bedside lighting provides a loft-style wall lamp; open wiring to it accentuates the head of the bed. Next is a small black dresser Kartell Componibili.

In order to conveniently place the collection of magnets that the young man collects, on the right side of the bed a large magnetic board was fixed on the wall. One of the walls of the room is occupied by a storage system, which is a niche with shelves, with white doors closed.

For classes provided a working area, a corner table for her made to order. The chair for work of Eames Style Ribbed is covered with reddish-brown leather in harmony in color with a chest of drawers styled as an old chest.


The bathroom is the brightest in the apartment. The saturated color of the walls, painted with water-resistant paint Little greene Juniper Ash, contrasts with the white tile-hog Diamante Biselado Bianco, which is lined with wet zones. Mosaic Del Sur Tradicionales tile forms an original ornament on the floor.

A light wooden cupboard under the sink is covered with a Belenco Fairy White worktop made of white quartz, on top of it is a Villeroy & Boch Loop & Friend sink. In the cabinet under the sink - three drawers, and two drawers with handles that can be used as towel holders.

Designers hid the geyser in a box located to the right of the washroom. The free lower part of the box was turned into an additional storage system, equipped with retractable drawers, and a heated towel rail was placed above them. From the side of the sink in the box there are niches for storing soap, shampoos and various toiletries.

The washing machine is put into the cupboard deep in the room. The door to the bathroom first stood in a small room near the kitchen; it has a large light window on top. Now an unusual door decorates the bathroom. This is the only door in the apartment that has a blue color, echoing the ornament of the floor tile and matching the color of the walls.

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