Compact apartment design 19 sq. M. m

The architects from the studio Decolabs rebuilt the building of the hotel, and placed in it apartments for longer stays.

Some apartments in these apartments have a very small area in which you need to arrange everything for a comfortable life. Apartment design 19 sq. M. m. performed in a simple elegant minimalist style using exclusive decorative elements.

Kitchen-living room

The furniture of simple forms fits neatly into the designated area and does not clutter it, light white and gray shades help to expand the volume, and natural materials create comfort.

It is better to refuse wallpaper on such a small area and replace it with paint.

Natural oak parquet gives solidity and thoroughness of the interior.

In the design of the apartment 19 sq. M. there are many complex solutions that allow you to place a living-bedroom, a kitchen-dining room, a study and a separate bathroom in such a small space.

So, the sofa in the living room area at night turns into a comfortable bed, the desktop opens into the dining room. In small apartments, transformable furniture can significantly save living space.


Entrance hall

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