Design project of a 2-room apartment Khrushchev

The design of a two-room apartment-Khrushchev-style minimalism turned it from inconvenient housing into a comfortable space, equipped with everything necessary and meeting modern aesthetic requirements.

The basis for the new interior was the architectural concept of the project. All partitions, even carriers, have been removed. Cardinal changes appeared in the project of a 2-room apartment: one of the rooms and the kitchen and part of the corridor merged into a single living space, only the children's room remained isolated.

White color fills the entire space of the apartment, expanding it and adding daylight, and only here and there it is diluted with color accents: orange in the room for the child and intense black in the general living space.

It stands out for an extraordinary solution in the design of a two-room apartment-Khrushchev shower room: rich color and textured finish make this room exclusive and aesthetically appealing. The feeling of coziness is achieved through thoughtful lighting and the use of textile elements.

Kitchen-living room

Made in the same gray-white tones as the entire apartment. The project of a 2-room apartment provides for the connection of living room and kitchen areas, and the huge Hilton sofa serves as a unifying element. At night, the sofa unfolds, and turns into a sleeping place for the owners. An open rack is adjacent to a large cabinet.

Minimalism is slightly diluted in the design of a two-room apartment-Khrushchev suspended lamp over the dining group. The living area is complemented by a simple and stylish, but very comfortable chair.

White matte kitchen facades almost merge with the walls, so they do not catch the eye and do not focus on this technical area of ​​the apartment.


In the 2-room apartment project, the nursery is the only isolated room. It is also made in white with the addition of light gray. A sofa of ocher color and roll curtains soften the interior and make it more comfortable.

The storage system is located along one of the walls, and a bed is built into it, which is reclined for the night.

A place to practice - a long and narrow white table - almost dissolves against the background of the wall, just like an electronic piano. Due to this, the room does not look cluttered.


Tiles of different shapes and shades give the finishing effect of volume, and add dynamism to a small room.

Plumbing equipment meets the latest fashion trends.

There is a special niche for the toilet.

Entrance hall

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