Design narrow studio apartment 27 meters

The narrow studio apartment of a small area had an unfortunate layout: not only did the hallway along with the corridor occupy less than three and a half square meters, the room was also extended, and the kitchen was arranged in it.

In such conditions, creating a comfortable living environment is especially difficult. It is necessary to use all available techniques in order to at least visually expand the space. Therefore, when designing a studio apartment of 27 meters, the principle of minimalism was taken as a basis, and the basic techniques of this style were taken.

In the corridor, the task of “expansion” was laid on the mirrors - they spread over the entire wall, which, in fact, was not a wall at all, but an entrance to the storage system.

The unusual shape of the wardrobe, with its expansion on the one hand, is caused by the need to leave enough room to make it convenient to take off clothes.

Just beyond the corridor in a narrow studio apartment is the entrance to the part of the room allotted for the kitchen. The snow-white gloss of the facades is decorated with an orange apron. The kitchen area also contains a dining area - the table and chairs are also white.

Next - a living-bedroom, or living area. The part where the sofa stands is separated from the kitchen by a narrow white partition. And here, the orange color plays an accent role - it is located on the facades of the long pedestal for the TV, which serves as an additional storage system, and on the main part of the ceiling, from which the plasterboard construction, which holds the lamps, hangs.

In the design of the studio of 27 meters all the functional areas are designed in the same style: minimalism with a predominance of white, decorative accents - bright orange. To add comfort, some of the walls were decorated with light wood. The original picture above the sofa and the 3D wall behind the TV give the room dynamics.


Watch the video: Tiny apartment tour! 260sqf24sqm (April 2020).

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