Modern apartment interior design 130 square meters. m

The interior of the apartment in the style of minimalism created specifically for recreation. The location on the seashore defined the main task of the designers: to let in the sea freshness and vast expanse. The result was a studio open to the sun, breeze, and air filled with the aromas of the sea and coniferous plants.

Modern apartment interior design unites the kitchen, living room, dining area and lounge in a single unit. Only the master bedroom with a large dressing room is fenced in. The view of the sea, which opens from the door, is not blocked.


For seaside cities, white is a tradition. It helps to reflect the sun's rays and to avoid strong heating, it also allows you to make the room as bright as possible, which is especially important in this case, since apartment interior in minimalism style thought out taking into account the fact that it goes to the east side, and the sun is here only in the morning hours.

As an extra in modern apartment interior design used beige and gray shades. Moreover, gray has its own secret: the paint structure is metallized, because of this, the surfaces covered with it look voluminous, all surrounding colors are reflected in them, and are collected in multi-colored highlights, painting the space with bright flashes. Beige tones in the bedroom create an intimate atmosphere and give extra comfort.


Registration interior of the apartment in the style of minimalism involves the use of only the most necessary pieces of furniture. At the same time, it should be as functional as possible. The sofa unfolds and turns into a bed, in addition it can accommodate books. The kitchen table unfolds, and a large company can accommodate it - up to 12 people.

Modern apartment interior design provides for the functionality and convenience of each piece of furniture. And what does not fit the style, can be hidden in the dressing room of a large size.


Nature itself is the main element of the decor - the sea, the green slopes of the mountains, the houses with red roofs scattered on them. Even the curtains in the living area “hid” in the eaves, so as not to interfere with the view. But in the bedroom they play a leading role, creating a cozy atmosphere for a night of rest.

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