Making pictures on the walls in the nursery

There is always a reason to please your child. For example, decorating children's room drawings on the wall. Create such a decoration yourself is not difficult. To create your own composition, you can use the creations of the young artist, increasing it to the desired size.

For creating picture on the wall in the children's room we will need the following available materials:

  • self-adhesive film (selected for the final size of the pattern, plus 10 cm along the perimeter),
  • mounting tape
  • paint, best acrylic,
  • paint mixing container
  • the pencils,
  • brushes,
  • scissors,
  • paper knife
  • sponge

The next step is to create painting on the wall in the children's room very responsible, it is necessary to transfer the drawing to the self-adhesive film. If possible, it is better to call for help modern technology and use a plotter (device for printing pictures) and special programs. But this is not necessary, you can act in the old manner, with your hands and a pencil. When the drawing is applied on film - cut out the contours with a stationery knife, leaving the places for painting empty.

Glue the resulting stencil with a mounting tape to the wall on which we plan to place the picture. It is possible to glue the film itself to the wall, after making sure that it “leaves” afterwards without damage to the wallpaper or paint.

So you can proceed to painting on the wall in the children's room. We take the prepared paints and usual foam sponges, gently, with a minimal amount of water, apply paint over the stencil.

After drying the main layer, armed with a thin brush, proceed to wall paintings in the children's room, drawing small details of the composition. To keep the lines neat and clear, try to draw a minimum of water into the brush. Also, with vertical painting, the hand should be fixed, i.e. rest your elbow on the wall before applying the pattern or use a fabric roller.

We give paints to dry completely and carefully remove the film. Typically, the time for drying acrylic paints takes about 3-4 hours. Now we take thin markers and give the drawings a finished look with the final touches. Once you are convinced that there is nothing more to add and painting on the wall in the children's room already completed - spray the pattern with lacquer spray.

Now you know all the "secrets" and you can decorate yourself children's room drawings on the wall. Other ways to decorate the walls in the baby room you can see here.

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