Bedroom design with gray wallpaper: 70 best photos in the interior

The use of gray wallpaper in the bedroom will help create a modern design that is suitable for relaxing and relaxing. The gray color of the wallpaper will be the perfect background for creating an exclusive interior in any style.

Gray is the “intermediate” version between black and white. White color is formed if the entire spectrum of visible light is reflected from the surface. Black - if the spectrum is completely absorbed. Obviously, these two poles are connected in gray, which leaves an imprint on his perception.

This is a "moderate" color, contributing to the creation of a calm, balanced atmosphere. It is completely neutral, which means that the colored parts can easily give the bedroom the right mood, which can be easily changed by changing, for example, textile elements.

Tip: When planning a repair bedroom immediately decide what furniture you are going to use. Depending on its color, choose light or dark shades of gray for wallpaper.

On the gray wallpaper can be pictures of different colors and sizes. Do not forget about the general rules of design:

  • A large contrast pattern on the wallpaper will make the small room even smaller;
  • Photowall-paper in gray tones can visually reduce the size of a bedroom;
  • Light tone wallpaper will help to visually expand the room;
  • The combination of light and dark shades can help correct room flaws - visually “raise” the ceiling (gradient transition from dark tones near the floor to light ones near the ceiling), expand the narrow wall (highlighting it with a lighter tone).

What style is suitable for bedroom design with gray wallpaper?

Gray color can be used in any style, from classic to minimalism. There are no restrictions. Here, the same laws apply as in other cases - light colors expand the room, dark ones narrow. Different styles choose different color combinations. For example, pastel shades added to light gray are good in Provence style, creamy and beige tones are in classics, and bright or even acid colors are in art deco and modern.

  • Classic. The combination of light and dark gray shades, complemented by white - both "cold" and "warm", is suitable for all classical styles without exception. Also suitable wallpaper with monogramous patterns and patterns with stripes.
  • Shabby chic. Wallpapers in the bedroom in shades of gray in combination with pastel pink and blue - the basis of this fashionable style.
  • Pop Art. Gray is preferred as a base for pop art style, as it serves as a softening element for contrasting and sharp combinations.
  • Scandinavian style. In this style, cool gray shades are very appropriate - they bring solidity and consistency to the atmosphere, serve as a unifying tone, bringing together individual elements of the interior.
  • Minimalism. In this style, light gray may be the main tone, for example, it is appropriate in the bedrooms facing south, as white in this case may be too sharp and bright.

Shades and combinations of gray in the interior of the bedroom

Depending on the saturation of the gray color may look different. In addition, other shades can be added to the basic gray color, and an ash-gray, “dusty rose”, silver color, color of a dry or wet stone, color of a stormy sky or color of nacre can be obtained. Such a rich palette creates the prerequisites for creating monochrome interiors.

For example, dark gray wallpaper in the bedroom can highlight the wall at the head of the bed or in the corner for rest, and lighter ones can paste over the other walls. You can also select a section of the wall with wallpaper with a pattern of more saturated gray.

Light shades of gray with the addition of warm colors (beige, cream) will help to create a more "warm" bedroom interior. In the event that the room faces south, it is appropriate to add blue or blue tones to gray in order to “cool” the atmosphere a bit.

In addition to the monochrome design options, combinations of gray wallpaper in the bedroom interior with other colors and shades are also possible. When working with color should adhere to the following principles:

  • Partner colors must belong to the same temperature range, be either “cold” or “warm”.
  • In the event that you use rich gray as a base, add light, pastel colors to it, thereby balancing the interior.
  • If a light gray tone is chosen as the main one, it can be supplemented with bright, contrasting colors.

The combination of gray with other colors:
  • White. The classic combination is white and gray, complemented by black accents. Depending on the ratio of these colors, the interior may be quieter or sharper. Most often used in modern styles.
  • Blue. Paired with gray forms a "cool" atmosphere, suitable for the southern bedroom. Can be used in nautical, classic, scandinavian and other styles.
  • Pink. The combination of pink and gray - one of the most interesting and rich in features. This is due to the fact that pink has a huge variety of shades - from delicate apple-colored to juicy fuchsia. Both pink and gray can be used in varying degrees of saturation. Together, these two factors lead to the creation of an infinite number of uses for this combination. Light gray wallpaper in the bedroom in combination with light pink additions have become the mainstream of such popular styles as Provence and Chebbi-chic today.
  • Yellow. Suitable for bedrooms with windows to the north, as it creates a sunny, joyful atmosphere. Depending on the tone and saturation of yellow can be used in different styles - from classic to country.
  • Brown. It is most often used together with yellow or green, forming a harmonious combination that is most in demand in bedrooms in the eco-style, as well as country.

Curtains for the bedroom with gray wallpaper

When choosing curtains for the bedroom with gray wallpaper, you can use the following options:

  • monophonic,
  • contrasting
  • neutral.

The first option is preferable for monochrome interiors of bedrooms, and also in the event that there is a need to "dissolve" the window, hide it in space. This is done in cases where the window is small or non-standard and at the same time not very successful shape.

The second option allows you to create a bright interior in the bedroom. In this case, the curtains can be chosen either to the wallpaper on the accent wall, or to match other textile elements (bedspread, decorative pillows, upholstered furniture), or to match the furniture. This technique is more often used in modern interior styles.

The third option allows you to create a gentle, romantic atmosphere, using, for example, pastel colors.

Photo of bedroom interior with gray wallpaper.

The photos below are examples of the use of gray wallpaper in the bedroom interior.

Photo 1. Gray wallpaper with dark monogram pattern is perfect for a bedroom in a classic style.

Photo 2. White floral patterns on gray wallpaper create a calm background, the deep purple color of the head of the bed gives depth and expressiveness to the interior.

Photo 3. Photowall-paper on a wall in gray scale is added with lilac textiles.

Photo 4. One of the best solutions for bedroom design: the classic combination of gray and white is complemented by sunny yellow. The interior immediately becomes warm and cozy.

Photo 5. Gray brick wallpapers are the basis of the style in this bedroom. It is monochrome, the only exception is the pale blue stool as one of the bedside tables.

Photo 6. Gentle blue in combination with gray gives a feeling of coolness and freshness.

Photo 7. Gray in combination with light beige - a great pair for the implementation of classic styles.

Photo 8. Nonstandard white pattern on the wallpaper supported in textiles - soft pink image on the pillows.

Photo 9. Light gray wallpaper with a pattern of the same tone served as the basis for modern classics.

Photo 10. Gray wallpaper "under the brick" emit a wall at the head.

Photo 11. The combination of gray, beige and white allowed to create a stylish and bright bedroom interior.

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