Bedroom interior design in black

Few people think that the design of the bedroom in black is not only an interesting and original solution, but also a way to show their individuality and create an unusual, very stylish interior in almost any style.

Black is an eternal classic, a color that absorbs all the others, and thus creates an atmosphere of calm, which is important for a room designed for sleeping.

Choosing the color of the future bedroom, as a rule, they are guided by the latest fashion trends and try to make this room the most intimate area in the apartment. The design of the black bedroom fully meets these requirements, but only if this color is used correctly, in accordance with the rules for the design of residential premises.

Black allows you to make the room elegant, giving it chic. She can be beautiful and very relevant in terms of the latest fashion trends.

When designing the interior of a black bedroom, it is necessary to carefully select the partner colors. Although formally black is combined with all the colors, not every color is suitable for creating a calm and cozy atmosphere, some combinations unduly strain the nervous system.

Black is rarely used as the main one, usually using it to highlight other colors or individual zones, emphasize those elements of the situation that deserve special attention.

When choosing colors companions when you design a bedroom in black color should be guided by the following rules.

  • Black and white in the bedroom is a classic combination. Suitable for both classic interiors and modern styles (minimalism, hi-tech or loft).

  • Black and gold will create a royal interior. This combination is successfully used in classic interiors, and creates a raised, solemn atmosphere.

  • Dark colors, in particular green, brown, blue and their shades should not be combined with black when designing a black bedroom. If you really want to have these colors, choose their whitened versions. Suitable would be, for example, light green, beige or pastel blue.

  • The active colors of the spectrum — red, yellow, and orange — are best used only as accent, adding individual elements. Even better, these colors will also be whitened.

  • Black is effectively combined with white and pink hues, such interiors are very elegant, and are suitable for confident women.


In the interior of black color, special attention should be paid to furniture. White or black furniture will look most impressive, while black will not be lost against the dark walls, preferably in a glossy design.

If there is a lot of black in the room, there should also be a lot of white furniture items. If black is accent, the furniture should also be black.

A bedroom in black can be very calm and cozy, while it will look very modern and stylish. Much depends on personal perception, but quite a large number of people feel great in rooms with dark walls. They create a sense of security from the outside world.

When creating a black bedroom design, special attention should be paid to lighting. Black absorbs all the colors of the spectrum, so the light in such a room should be much more than where the walls are painted in bright colors.

It is not enough one central suspension or a chandelier, it is necessary to think over the light scheme carefully, and it is better if it includes several levels. For example, you can use lighting around the perimeter, along the eaves, to highlight the furniture - cabinets, beds, shelves.

In the interior of the black bedroom is usually used not only the central lamp, but also, in addition to it, spotlights on the ceiling, as well as lamps that give directional light to illuminate certain sections of the walls. Special attention to those areas where there are no decorative elements of light colors.

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