How to choose a style for the interior of the kitchen: photos and descriptions of the best style solutions

A variety of styles in the interior of the kitchen will help to reflect the general character and mood of the house. Consider photos and descriptions of the most popular style solutions for kitchen design.


Style features:

  • The interior is filled with elements with the effect of aging.
  • Preferably the use of natural materials.
  • The color palette is bright.
  • For finishing use stone, plaster, tile or wallpaper with a floral pattern.
  • The interior of the kitchen using furniture made of wood or wrought iron.
  • It is worth using curtains of light shades. Natural fabrics can be plain or floral print.
  • The interior of the kitchen will be decorated with Provence-style dishes, jugs and pots of herbs.

On the photo is a compact kitchen in a sky-blue color.

Modern style

Distinctive features of style:

  • The style combines smooth lines and completely unexpected colors.
  • Filling the interior should be functional, and the use of space is useful.
  • Modern style allows you to combine finishing materials of different colors and textures.
  • The furniture of a strict form is characteristic for modern style, it is allocated with color.
  • The material of the curtains can be varied, but the cut is often as simple as possible.
  • Accessories of an unusual form of color metallic fit into a modern interior of a kitchen.

In the photo kitchen in a modern style. It is based on three colors: white, gray and hot pink.

Scandinavian style

Distinctive features of the Scandinavian style:

  • The style is as comfortable and functional as possible.
  • The color palette is monochrome. Light, preferably white shades cover almost all kitchen surfaces.
  • The walls are made of plaster, whitewashed wood or wallpaper of light shades. Wallpaper can decorate simple pattern.
  • The furniture is made mostly of wood, has straight lines with maximum use of useful space.
  • Textiles from natural materials.
  • Curtains are not often used indoors, if desired Roman or classical curtains.
  • The interior of the kitchen will be decorated with cushions for chairs, wooden accessories and potted flowers.

Classic style

For the classic style are characteristic:

  • Smooth features in the interior and quiet light shades.
  • For a spacious kitchen, the classic design style is used most often.
  • The walls are decorated with a tree of noble breed, wallpaper with floral patterns or plain wallpaper for painting.
  • The flooring is consistently made of wood.
  • Wooden kitchen will complement the stone countertop.
  • Chairs upholstered in light textile.
  • The color of the furniture is selected depending on personal preferences.
  • Curtains varied cut with the characteristic style of luxury. Preference is given to noble fabrics.
  • The interior of the kitchen organically looks chinaware, useful wooden stuff and flowers.

Modern classics (neoclassic)

Modern lines are characterized by smooth lines, light colors in the decoration and noble materials. The walls are perfectly smooth, covered with plaster, wallpaper or tiles. Lighting should be as much as possible. Neoclassical interior is filled with modern technology.


The color palette is filled with dark tones. Furniture and decoration are made only from natural materials. The kitchen set is decorated with unusual patterns of gold color, the chairs are upholstered with fabric.


Interior details are not elaborate, the color scheme in bright colors. Furniture is made in pastel shades with the addition of gold details. Rococo is preferably used in spacious kitchens, ceilings can be decorated with a complex structure.

Loft style

The main features of the style:

  • Spacious rooms with minimal decoration.
  • Brick raw walls, cold concrete floors and shelves with a complex structure.
  • Due to the fact that the loft loves spacious rooms, it is preferable to use it for the kitchen-dining room.
  • Finishing is as simple as possible, there is practically none.
  • Untreated brick or plastered walls look harmonious with cold concrete floors.
  • The design of the room can be completely different due to the furniture and accessories.
  • In the kitchen, an antique table with chairs will look as harmonious as a modern minimalist set, the main requirement is the functionality of objects.
  • Roman curtains or straight cut fit the interior of the kitchen. Natural fabrics are used.
  • As accessories, glass jars, metal utensils.

Country (country style)


  • The interior is made with the maximum use of natural materials.
  • The color palette is filled with warm shades: beige, sand, brown, milky.
  • The walls of the kitchen can be decorated with wallpaper with floral patterns, wooden slats or even plastered.
  • A distinctive feature of the country can be called ceiling beams.
  • The furniture is made of wood and has a simple form.
  • The color of the furniture depends on the overall color of the kitchen.
  • Curtains are made of natural matter. It will be appropriate to look straight curtains or Roman curtains made of monophonic fabric or light floral pattern.
  • Accessories complete the interior of the kitchen. Clay vases, wicker bowls for fruit and cushions for chairs.

In the photo is a rustic kitchen. The main color theme of the kitchen is beige-red.

Chalet style

The interior is preferably made in brown tones. Finishing only from natural materials. The highlight of the chalet can be called the noble effect of aging, for example, worn wooden floors. Embedded technology will help to make the interior seasoned in one manner.


Another direction endowed with rustic charm. The main difference is the underlined brutality. The color palette is any state of the tree, from bleached to burnt, stone and dried grass. The kitchen is not crowded with details, the interior is minimalist and functional.

Hi-tech and minimalism

The interior is done in cold colors with maximum use of storage space.

High tech

Distinctive features:

  • The main color palette is white, black and gray with small patches of bright colors.
  • Hi-tech is different using non-natural material in the interior design.
  • The walls are made in the same color, most often it is cold shades. When using wallpaper pattern can be graphic or with imitation of a natural stone.
  • Floor covering with reflective surface. The tile can decorate a small rug with a simple ornament.
  • Furniture is chosen mainly from steel and plastic with leather skin. For the design of the kitchen using a lacquered surface for the headset.
  • Curtains may be absent, as a distinctive feature of high-tech is minimalist.
  • If necessary, the kitchen will be decorated with straight curtains simple cut.
  • Accessories in the kitchen are selected discreet colors. Ware can be glass or monophonic, useful trifles are preferably chrome or metal.

On the photo is an ultra-modern kitchen island.


It is similar in its essence to hi-tech styles, but unlike the latter, it uses natural materials and warm colors in the interior.

  • The main task remains functionality. Spacious and bright rooms are welcome. The favorite colors of minimalism can be considered white, gray, black, and sometimes beige.
  • Finishing is performed without the use of patterns and any images.
  • The walls are decorated with plaster or plain wallpaper.
  • For the style of minimalism is characterized by the use of furniture of simple forms. Kitchen set from a natural tree with metal elements will perfectly fit into the general interior.
  • Chairs are wooden, chrome or sheathed.
  • With the help of curtains in the kitchen you can give a little paint. The windows will draw curtains of discreet cut, Roman curtains or blinds.
  • Minimalism does not tolerate a large variety of decorative elements, a pair of glass vases will decorate the kitchen.

In the photo kitchen in the style of minimalism. The interior uses a minimum of decor, maximum light and space.


The style is divided into two trends, classical and modern. In the classic version, the interior is filled with decorative details of vegetable themes. The modern modern is more restrained, there is no abundance of vegetation, the filling is more functional, the color palette is not so diverse.

  • The main idea is a smooth line. For the classic trend, natural wood, glass and metal are used as a supplement. Modern version allows the use of artificial materials. Shiny surfaces and undulating lines in the interior remain unchanged.
  • For the decoration of the walls, plaster or wallpaper with unobtrusive floral patterns is used. The color should not be bright.
  • The classic version involves the use of natural materials, wooden kitchen set decorates stained glass windows and unusual handles. In modern modern style it is difficult to adhere to smooth lines, this is compensated by the table, chairs and interior details.
  • Curtains for the classical direction are chosen from natural dense fabrics with plant patterns, the cut can be complicated. For modern modern straight curtains fit.
  • The accessories may reflect the main ideas of modernism. Round bowls, flowers in vases and unusual lighting decorate the kitchen.

Mediterranean style

It has two main directions - Italian and Greek.

  • The Italian style is filled with warm colors: golden, terracotta, olive. The Greek style is characterized by cold colors, white blue and lemon.
  • Depending on the direction of the kitchen wall can be plastered in bright or bright colors. Wall-paper monophonic, do not have patterns.
  • The floor in the Greek style is decorated with brick color tiles. Italian style corresponds to the bleached board or tile with patterns.
  • For interior design using functional and simple furniture. The surface of the kitchen set can be lacquered or aged.
  • Curtains are not often used in the Mediterranean style. If desired, the window will draw Roman curtains made of natural fabric.
  • The interior of the kitchen can be filled with many details. Potted flowers, colored vases and tableware with painting.

Ethnic styles

Italian style

For the design of the kitchen in the Italian style using a bright, warm palette. Preference is given to natural materials. The floors are made of wood, laminate or linoleum with a pattern "under the tree." As an accessory bottles with olive oil, herbal pots, clay bowls. Walls will decorate paintings with landscapes of Italy.

English style

The interior is made in several colors in harmony with each other. The furniture is functional, made of wood with fabric upholstery. Often used antique furniture. A variety of fabric abundantly used in the English style.

In the photo kitchen in the English style. Metal accessories harmoniously overlap with household appliances.

American style

Spacious rooms are characteristic of the American style, kitchens are combined with living rooms. In the role of space zoning they use the play of light and functional partitions. Color palette of light shades.

East style

It is divided into two areas: Asian and Arabic. Asian style is characterized by restraint, straight lines and maximum saturation of the room with light. Arabic style opposite endowed with special chic. The furniture is made of wood with carvings, an abundance of fabrics and hand painted tableware will underline the idea of ​​the kitchen.

In the photo kitchen set with a complex carved pattern in the ethno-style.


The style is minimalist, the space is not overloaded with unnecessary pieces of furniture. The color palette of the style reflects the pastel shades of nature. The kitchen will be decorated with chinaware, elegant vases and a sprig of live bamboo.


The style does not differ by the abundant use of interior items, you will need only the necessary furniture made of wood. But the colors can be used bold and bright. The room is trimmed with wallpaper or wood.


Style combines many colors and textures. The walls of the kitchen are decorated with ceramic tiles with unusual patterns. A distinctive feature of the direction can be considered patterned bars on the windows, transmitting the unique exotic of Morocco.


Kitchen decor can be filled with intricate patterns. For wall decoration using plaster or wallpaper with ornate patterns. The furniture is decorated with intricate patterns and wrought handles, the furniture is upholstered with textiles.


The style is minimalist and functional, all interior items carry maximum comfort. Characterized by the use of light, warm colors, which in the decoration serve as the background of the kitchen. Furniture items have simple forms and strict character.


Until now, there is no clear description of the Russian style. The interior, with the involved national elements, can be attributed to this direction. The main materials of use is wood. As the walls are used, plaster, wallpaper, whitewash, wood.

Other styles


The direction combines several styles at once. Fusion has no restrictions, in one room any materials and textures can be combined. Color limitations do not exist, the only condition is a harmonious combination of all interior items.

Eco style

It assumes the maximum use of natural materials. The kitchen is made exclusively and wood with elements of stone. Textiles are selected from flax or cotton.

The photo shows a green and white kitchen in eco style. All surfaces are made of natural materials or simulated under them.

Sea style

The color palette is filled with all sorts of shades of blue and white. Decorative elements, cups with thematic patterns, wall paintings and striped textiles will make the kitchen spacious and stylish play an important role in the design.

In the photo, the kitchen interior is decorated in the basic colors of marine design: white and blue.

Eclectic style

Eclectic means a mixture of styles that are close to each other in color and interior solutions. The choice of color for the design of the kitchen depends on personal preferences. For the walls of the kitchen they use wallpaper or tile with oriental motifs.


The embodiment of simplicity, accessibility and convenience. Spacious premises, functional furniture of simple lines are peculiar to the direction. For finishing use natural materials.

Art Deco

Art Deco style is characterized by clear forms and brilliance. The basic color combination is the contrast of white and black, but can be combined with a metallic and chocolate shade. Material design can be varied, for example: leather, wood, metal.

Retro and vintage style

Retro and vintage fill the interior with details of the past, the difference between them in the time that they reflect. Retro is the style of the 50s, it is characterized by bright colors and an unusual form of furniture.

Vintage originated much earlier, in its interior they use calm colors and antique furniture of classical character.

Chebbi chic

The style is characterized by the use of furniture with the effect of aging, as well as forged elements. Color design in pastel tones. The main material in the interior of the kitchen is wood.

Patchwork style

The "highlight" of the style is a composition of small fragments. For the interior of the kitchen, it can be a wall decorated with many tiles with different patterns.


Style involves the use of a beautiful blue pattern. The picture can be applied on the wall, dishes or decorative elements.


The interior combines the bright colors of the same color range. The walls are decorated with plaster or tiles.


The style is similar to loft or country. Natural materials are preferred, walls are often trimmed with brick, wood or stone. The kitchen should be spacious.

Cafe style

The style is filled with romance, typical of cozy coffee houses. The kitchen interior is filled with many decorative elements, special attention is paid to the dining area.

Features of the choice of style for a small kitchen

  • In an apartment with a kitchen of a small area, it is preferable to use minimalistic directions, without complex shapes and a lot of decorative elements.
  • The optimal color scheme will be a bright palette, due to this, the area of ​​the room will seem larger.
  • Spotlights will make the ceiling higher.

Photo gallery

The choice of kitchen style depends on the overall design decision of the apartment, as well as on the mood and preferences of the tenants of the apartment.

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