Modern interior design of kitchen-dining room of 20 sq.m.

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For designer Juliette Sitnikova work with the project modern kitchen interior design, in one of the apartments, has become a kind of game in the association. The premises kitchen with dining room quite large and elongated. Option kitchen planning - single row. The geometric shapes of the kitchen allowed to place the working area and the dining table parallel to each other.

Thanks to unconventional design, it turned out very interesting. stylish kitchen design. The main focus is the dining area. The table itself is simply decorated and not too cumbersome loads the space, but two chandeliers, custom-made in tandem with six soft armchairs, give the space a feeling of a real dining area, where it's nice to get together with friends or family.

The shape of the lampshades and the rather bold combination of orange and dark terracotta (on the chairs) in kitchen with dining room, isolates and isolates the composition. It is worth paying attention to the texture of the fabric, in the upholstery of chairs and lamp shades used fabric with a similar structure, so the colors are combined not only due to the warm gamut, but also textural, which creates a deeper connection.

Stylish kitchen design got a few more directions of development, introduced a very unobtrusive topic of Africa, it is almost imperceptible, but if you look at the details, you can catch the connection. The most obvious accent, authentic stools in the form of drums, the connection with the main theme continues in the decoration of the table and the glass case, used an African tree Koto and wenge.

As the flooring for the kitchen designer used floorboard.

Panel on the wall gives an elegant sound modern kitchen interior design, associative line with diamond mines, which is hot in the earth.

In technical terms, the kitchen is beautifully equipped, all the necessary equipment is built into the furniture section, in the best traditions of the latest trends stylish kitchen designs. For maximum space, access to the room from the side of the room is provided by wide sliding doors of silver color. This solution allows you to change the functionality of the room, depending on the need.

Opening the door cleans the wall between kitchen with dining area and a room and a single space can serve to receive a large number of guests. Access from the side of the corridor is made of translucent glass, it allows daylight to illuminate the corridor. Thanks to the elegant decoration, both doors look very organic and do not violate the integrity of the room.

Another exit from the kitchen leads to the balcony, it has also been redone, for greater harmony with the main room. Thanks to the interesting and subtle interpretation of the author, modern kitchen interior design It turned out moderately saturated, the most functional and harmonious.

Source: The Apartment Question Program
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